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They creep up on you when youre trying to fall asleep. They force you to hide from the world. They keep you prisoner in your own head. Im not talking about spiders clowns or even the word moist... Yeah I said it and its an awful word. These nasty captors are your fears. Residing in front of your sub- conscious and behind your smile. They are what you see in the mirror what you think about when youre simply having lunch. Yet somehow they are part of you. Part of what makes us human. Which in a way connects us all. Its a big slice of humble pie to know youre not the only one and that what you are feeling is absolutely normal and has been felt and dealt with since the beginning of man and woman kind. Ashley is one of the most beautiful charming funny and outgo- ing people I know. Like any normal late 20s something female she was at the point in her life to decide her path. You may be Isabel Herrman is an artist first believes in humanity and strides everyday to make the world a better place. Her experiences and stories are shared to further connect us all. When shes not writing about life you can find her at the beach or in a coffee shop soaking in the worlds beauty or simply people watching. thinking late 20s Isnt that late to start a career or still be indecisive and insecure She was afraid that she missed her calling and would be stuck in the restaurant industry forev- er. Her fear of growing up began to consume her. She began detaching from her friends because she thought they were to blame for holding her back. She stopped having a sense of hu- mor because she thought it made her immature. Ashley gave up her charm to her fears because she was trapped. What am I doing Im almost 30 single and just now deciding to make a life No man no money no motivation... And now no friends. All I could say to her was there is no timetable to life and you are never too old or young to feel anything. She was so afraid that she let herself down and so afraid to start over. But something clicked something in Ashley changed in that very moment. I dont like who Ive become. I have given everyone around me all of my energy focus and time that I lost track of my own. Here I am wondering where time had gone well I know. I gave it away. I gave myself away. Her fear wasnt about a timetable her fear was about feeling accepted. She spent her life dedicated to those around her loving kind and generous to everyone. But what do you do for you Ashley She was stumped. Make other people happy I suppose. In her head in that moment Ashley faced her biggest fear. Accepting herself. Accepting that she was a super awesome human with a huge heart. That she was forgetting to give her- self the same devotion as everyone around her. We all have been beaten with always look out for yourself first yadda yadda. But there is something huge to take away from Ashleys story of facing her fear she took the time for herself to discover a part of her that she didnt realize was there and she allowed herself to feel surprised. That moment and yes in one moment she was free from her own prison. Within a week she visited a career counselor and took a step towards HER path. One that she alone chose and one that at the beginning of the day she greets with excitement. Fears are negative beliefs. I was once told that a belief is just a thought that you think a lot. Um... So stop thinking about it No. Think about it give your fears the opportunity to die. Ashley didnt just stop thinking about feeling inadequate and behind. She gave her fear the same love patience and kindness she gave to everyone... fear was part of her. It was time she gave herself some attention. She questioned that nasty creep and ac- cepted that SHE was the only one who could squish it. Fear has a wide pendulum swing and sometimes they are a re- sult of a bad situation. Just remember you are in charge of you. Your fears belong to you for as long as you allow them to stay. Hu- mans are wonderful our minds can change in just one moment... By Isabel Herrman The Creep Within Facing Your Worst Fears 11