8 óóó͘¥½®Öæƒþ®Ä›͘ěãWZ/>ϮϬϭϳ From that ringing endorse- ment Chloe was signed to be in a girl band and was signed to a record contract at the age of 11 years old by RCA Records. She got to perform with great musicians and met many wonderful people through that experience, but when 9/11 hit the country, many people from the label were let go, including those overseeing her budding re- cording career. She went on to boarding school and studied theatre and was get- ting set to prepare for college when she met Ric Wake. Ric Wake is a record pro- ducer who worked with many big names in the mu- sic business, and he tapped Chloe to join a project he was working on with Yanni called Yanni’s Voices. Yanni’s Voices was a stel- lar project that included three other vocalists besides Chloe—including Ender Thomas, Leslie Mills, and Nathan Pacheco, the cover subject of FLiPw, on the flip side of this magazine! It was this show that I first learned of Chloe Lowery. I had never heard a more powerful and exquisitely beautiful voice as Chloe’s and even her movements on stage spoke of her training as a dancer. All in all, Yanni’s Voices was an incredible collection of great talent and wonder- ful experiences. It received such little acclaim, and yet it is definitely a show all should see on DVD. Chloe spoke glowingly of Yanni, as a mentor, a visionary, and a nurturer. Working with the other young vocalists was also wonderful and has led to lifetime friendships. As a result of their work on Voices, both Chloe and Nathan were signed by Disney. Chloe left Disney briefly to be the lead singer for Trans Siberian Orchestra, another huge favorite of this writer! She returned to Disney and the project just didn’t pan out and Chloe left. Nathan also secured his release and they went their separate ways to continue their careers. In the midst of all these go- ings on, Chloe also fronted a band called Big Brother and the Holding Company, performing many Janis Joplin hits. At the high point, the group opened for Chaka Khan. Chloe spoke glowing- ly of her work with Trans Siberian Orchestra, getting to perform in front of me- ga-huge crowds and where she met fellow music col- laborator, Andrew Ross; a guitarist and vocalist in the band. But the relationships she formed in TSO also helped her meet Rob Evan, the co-founder of her cur- rent project, Rocktopia. Rocktopia is a collection of incredible singers and musicians including Rob Evan, Chloe, Tony Vincent, Kimberly Nicole, Ximena Borges, Tony Bruno, Mat Fieldes, Alex Alexander,