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FLiPfor MYBeautylosophy GOOD JOCKO SIMS MAY2016 2 www.flipmagazine.netMay2016 www.flipmagazine.netMay2016 3 4 ..D2015 Letter From the Editor Hello FLiP Magazine Readers- Summer summer summertime-cue the DJ and insert a music emoji here Whether you are spending the summer working partying relaxing or more than likely a combination of all three FLiP is here to help you make the most of summer 2016. Worried about getting your beachtime body ready Eat This Not That by Jackie Learmond and our latest workout tutorial by FLiPs in house trainer Ricardo Zarate will help you get back on track. Looking for some summer tunes to get the party started Add a few numbers from 50 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die to your playlist. Are you a fan of summer action movies Then dont miss our review of Batman v. Superman before checking out the lm for yourself. Thinking of a summer vacation Our QA author Laci Paige oers some travel tips to stay on budget and in style while Aeri Rose oers a unique alternative to the typical summer getaway a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to relive the history of Shakespeare and celebrate the authors 400th anniversary. Also in this issue The Last Ships Jocko Sims is our rst ever male FLiPW cover model while we introduce new model Jessica Keith on our M side cover. Youll also nd coverage and images from the rst ever Silicon Valley Comic Con. There is so much more to enjoy this issue and I hope youll ip on through to see for yourselves As always if you think you might have a subject article editorial or event that could interest us please feel free to reach me at I hope this latest issue inspires encourages and fullls you as much as it does all of us here at FLiP Magazine. So what are you waiting for Flip on through the pages of FLiP Magazine Alexis Nichols FLiP Magazine Editor in Chief Photo By Steph Girard EDITOR IN CHIEF Alexis Nichols PUBLISHER Frank Monahan ART DIRECTOR Rebekkah Dreskin PHOTOGRAPHERS Diana Ragland Harvey Branman Eric Dun Parris Jensen Andrew Johnston ON THE COVER JOCKO SIMS PHOTOGRAPHER Diana Ragland WARDROBE STYLIST Jordan Grossman GROOMER Veronica Arancibia 6 22 12 Ceit ... 16 10 FAB IN 5 MY BEAUTYLOSOPHY USING CHINESE HERBS to Beautify your Body Mind Spirit 6 ..M2016 Im loyal to a fault. That has come back to bite me many times but I dont know how else to be Jocko Sims Meet The Last Ships JOCKO SIMS By Alexis Monahan ..D2015 7 Hi Jocko. First things first we have to talk first about your photo co-star over to the left. Who is this lovely basset hound leading lady That was Zoe the photographers dog. As soon as I saw her I fell in love. She was only 4 months old but she felt like she weighed a lot more than that Do you have any pets yourself I love animals and dogs. I feel like Im too busy and travel too much to take on dad duties at this point. But hopefully soon Moving onto TNTs The Last Ship which is about to come back for its 3rd season on June 12th. Congratulations What is your favorite part of playing your character Lt. Carlton Burk I love playing Lt. Burk because hes loyal. Hes loyal to his country. Hes loyal to the Navy. And hes loyal to the mission. He takes a break only every now and then to smell the flowers. The flowers in this case being the ladies. But hes always a gentleman and never breaks the rules no matter how tempting or how big the reward. Jocko Sims is the talented actor probably best known for his character of Lt. Burk on TNTs The Last Ship returning for Season Three with its 2-hour premiere airing on TNT on Sunday June 12th. FLiP Magazine sat down with Jocko to talk about his acting his radio show which he co-hosts with his mom and lots more Do you share any personality traits in common with Burk If so what I think I share the loyalty aspect that Burk shares. Im loyal to a fault. That has come back to bite me many times but I dont know how else to be Are there any Season 3 spoilers you can let us in on Not if I want to keep my job HahahaTheyre pretty strict on what info we can and cannot leak. I can tell you that Burk has an older brother that is on the ship this season and the two of them are very competitive. In addition to your acting career you also host a weekly radio show Apollo Night LA airing live every Monday night 7pm PST at http The show is designed to showcase unsigned indie music artists and represents all genres from around the world. With past celebrity guests including Keke Palmer JaRule Faith Evans Jamie Foxx Kim Whitley and Nina Parker and more this show provides new artists an opportunity to be heard over the airwaves. HowdidyouandyourmomdecidetostartApollo Night LA My mother Karen came up with the idea. She tried to convince me to host it but I initially decided against it thinking Id have no interest. She started the show without me and had done only one episode while I was there and I was instantly hooked. Mom always knows best. Your co-host is your own mother Karen Sims a.k.a. Cinnamon. What is it like working with your mom It can be tough sometimes because we have each others best interest at heart and what I want for my mother is not always in line with what she wants for herself and vice versa. But we ultimately figure everything out and work well together. Im very proud of her.8 ..F2016 Do you have a favorite artistguest from the show I cant pick a favorite but I can tell you that I love the artists that show a lot of personality --- they are hip hustle hard and have a great grasp of and respect for the current music climate. A lot of artists try too much to be different or are a few decades behind in their style. My least favorite artists are the lazy ones or the ones that arent serious about this business they call themselves trying to be a part of. Thanks so much for sitting down with us Jocko We look forward to more to come from you. If you want to follow Jocko see his social media channels below Twitter JockoSims Instagram JockoSims Facebook JockoSimsOcial Photographer Diana Ragland Dog Groomer Veronica Arancibia Wardrobe Stylist Jordan Grossman ..M2016 9 J o c k o S i m s Lets face it most of us dont have fully stocked bars at home with every type of alcohol and mixer available. To go out and purchase all of those would cost a fortune not to mention most of them would sit there unused because who has the time or wants to put in the eort to mix complicated drinks regularly Be-Tini drinks are already pre-mixed with top-shelf alcohol and all natural mixers. All you have to do is pour We here at FLIP like to have a good time and the staers leaptatthechancetotaste-test the award winning low-cal Be-Tini martinis. Drink at work Dont mind if we do We tried their newest avors Tropical Sunset and Pink Cranberry. FirstupwasthePinkCranberry.This drink is vodka based with cranberry and a hint of raspberry and apple. The hot pink color might make you think it would be syrup-y sweet but it has a nice tartness without any harshness. It was perfect served over ice but can also be mixed with the Appletini avor. Carrie Miranda Samantha and Charlotte only wish they could have had these pre-made cocktails Pink Cranberry Be-Tini is perfect for a girls night day drinking or shoe shopping. Next we tried Tropical Sunset a pineapple orange and guava rum cocktail. Like its name describes we all wished we were soaking up some sun on a white-sand beach somewhere This drink is sweet and fruity without being too sweet and would be perfect for drinks on the beach on the lake or even in a bubble bath. As we sipped our drinks you could almost hear Jimmy Buffet singing and waves crashing onto shore Leave the fruit cocktail memories of your youth behind in those sad cups of watery syrup with faded fruit bits and enjoy this grown up burst of bright fruit avors mixed with premium white rum. Our staff enjoyed several glasses each and the consensus was that Be-Tini should be renamed toxi- tinis. Not because they are toxic but because they go down so easy you are having a REALLY GOOD TIME before you know it. Remember to drink responsibly and use your favorite ride-share app. They taste smooth go down easy and pack a punch Other fun perks of a Be-Tini cocktail is the tini amount of calories only 25 calories per ounce. Guilt free fun Also a martini glass is hidden in the cap just turn it upside down. The only drawback is theres only one so sip sip pass Be-Tini supports tons of awesome charities so you can feel good about your purchase knowing your good time will actually do some good too. Other avors available include Cupcake Lemon Drop Appletini and Lime Margarita and can be found in your local grocery and liquor stores. For you creative types their website www. has all kinds of fun recipes for even more Be-Tini cocktails Be -Tini Low calorie premium prepared cocktails ready to serve By Joanna Kelly Photography by Andrew Johnston 10 ..F2016 Born and raised in Houston Texas and a graduate of New York University Joanna Kelly now resides in Los Angeles where she works as an actress model and writer. In her free time she enjoys sharing her wisdom with up and coming talent coaching children of all ages for modeling and acting. Joanna is also an avid blogger. To learn more about Joanna and her work check out her and ..F2016 11 Be -Tini Recipes 12 ..M2016 As women ... we juggle a multitude of responsibilities and 5 minutes is often all the time we have for makeup. I have devised a step-by-step guide on how to look your very best in no time flat Youll Need Powder brush Foundation or tinted moisturizer Concealer Powder Blush Kohl pencil Mascara Lipstick or lipgloss Optional A brow product pencil powder or gel and highlighter 1. Beginning with a hydrated canvas nothing screams fatigue like dehydrated skin select a base of choice. Whetheritisaliquidfoundation or a tinted moisturizer reach for Mr. Reliable. Selecting a product that you knowperformswelliskeyandcutstime. 2. Next it is time to address any blemishes and under-eye darkness. When youre in a rush select a concealer that caters to darkness as well as discoloration. Lightweight liquid concealers are the best for this. Sweep some underneath the eyes and blend out with your ring nger or a concealer brush. Then target any blemishes or areas of discoloration. Blend gently until it melts into the foundation.Fig. 1 2 By Sheridan Hayley httpsheridansoderstrom.wix.comshartistry Photography By Harvey Branman Model Alexis Nichols T U T O R I A L T I M E FAB IN 5 ..M2016 13 3. Take a light dusting of powder and sweep along the T-zone and underneath the eyes. By setting the foundation and concealer it will go the distance. 4. Blush is the quickest way to liven up the face. Cream or powder- whatever is easiest for you is the goal. 5. Grab an eyeliner pencil in dark brown or black and lightly smudge it into the roots of the lashes. 6. Reach for that rockstar mascara and sweep on a couple of coats. It will add denition as well as lift tired eyes. 7. Finally grab your go-to lipstick or gloss. If you have an extra minute you may ll in your brows or sweep on some highlighter for a glow. Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 6 Fig. 7 T U T O R I A L T I M E FAB IN 5 14 ..M2016 On March 7th 2016 in Istanbul hundreds of women were shot with rubber bullets as they gathered to rally for gender equality. On the same day the Supreme Court denied a law that would have shut down all but one abortion clinic in Louisiana. Also on March 7th former First Lady and advocate of stem cell research Nancy Reagan passed away due to congestive heart failure. All of which the vast majority of us heard little to none about because on this same day Kim Kardashian posted a nude sele. Ever since the now infamous Kim Kardashian nude sele crashed into our world I feel like its all Ive heard about. Arguments over what female empowerment REALLY means- Is she brave Is she trashy Is she doing it for the publicity Is she doing it for the greater good of women Is she the downfall of progressiveness Blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. Ive heard every argument in the book til Im sick of it because really who cares And WHY does everyone care so much When living in a world where Donald Trump could represent this country why are we still judging the acts of a woman whose claim to fame is a sex tape and makeup How is this something we are still xating on Kimmy K. could have done what she did for a number of reasons- for publicity for attention for empowerment hell even for fun. I dont really care. Theres no way we can ever know her motives and trying to pin a certain idea onto it is futile. If she felt empowered by it then I say good for her and lets move on please. What we can do is look at our own actions. We society have taken this little tiny incident this one little picture and blown it into a massive platform for arguments. Instead of letting it be the smallest blip on the historical radar as it should have been we created a Frankenstein. Whether female empowerment was the objective of the photo is a moot point by now- Kim K. was empowered the minute we blew a miniscule item way out of proportion. We gave her that power. This is a problem constantly facing us these days as we turn our attentions towards the likes of Kim K Donald TrumpandInternetmemes. Whetheryourefororagainst them any absorbent attention heaped onto these fools is already giving them more than they deserve. People in that position rarely care whats being said about them as long as SOMETHING is being said. To be the subject of common conversation is a special kind of power that we need to be aware of. Of course there is something to be said for evaluating the actions of those in the limelight but the public needs to realize that the power is actually coming from US. We make the limelight we choose who to listen to what to watch whos in power. In a democratic nation we have suddenly forgotten how to wield the power of the people. Instead of arguing about the motives of a woman made famous simply for her looks and wealth why dont we direct our attention to the million other important events happening around us Why dont we spend more than one day on Facebook mourning terrorist attacks Imagine what would happen if the same amount of people whove discussed this nude sele conict could band together and tackle something important such as domestic abuse Theres so much good to be done in this world and we waste it by giving our power away to all the wrong people. Look Im a feminist and I care very much about the message we women put out there in the world. I WANT there to be discussions about female empowerment and what it means today. Despite all the good thats been happening for us theres still so much yet to be accomplished. This is a crucial time in history one that I hope our descendants can look back on and claim with pride. Unfortunately I doubt they will. Instead of seeing an America joined together to help Syrian refugees theyll see an America that fought over the social interpretation ofamereword.Ihaveseenmaybe2articleswrittenabout the women who free bled on the steps of Parliament as opposed to the 10 articles Ive seen written about Kim Kardashians nudity. What gives me hope is that there is so much power within the world to change that. There is so much power within YOU to change that. I truly believe that the more people realize that the strength for change is within them the morepositiveinuenceswellseeinthisworld.Remember that the next time you go to post a status or a picture- you can change something for someone somewhere. I think THAT is the most empowering thing of all. YOUVE GOT THE POWERUsingSocialMediaForGood Arielle Nieshalla is a writer actor and all around dabbler in the arts living in LA. She loves reading and looking contem- platively out of windows whilst its raining. Shes a contributing writer for the fabulous HelloGiggles website and you can follow some of her writing at httphellogiggles.compraise-real-father3or if social media is more of your thing catch her adventures in Instagram Aribelle89. By Arielle Nieshalla Literary Desires Press is always looking for new authors 703.764.8003 Literary Desires Press is accepting submissions of all sub-genres of romance and erotic novels novellas and short stories. We are also accepting self-published authors who wish to sell their paperbacks andor ebooks online through us. ..M2016 15 ..M2016 An essential component in creating My Beautylosophy creating beauty as an experience in body mind and spirit in my life are Chinese Herbs. Chinese Herbs completely beautify your body mind and spirit. I am so fortunate to have been introduced to Chinese Herbs through my amazing lsicensed acupuncturist and herbalist Sara Pettitt of Pacic Acupuncture and Wellness Center. I became so passionate I began to educate myself and I was also was introduced to Truth Calkins and Jay Denman who at the time were these majestic Tonic Masters at Erewhon Natural Foods Market at the Tonic Bar. Later I became obsessed with the Dragon Herbs Store here in Los Angeles ChineseHerbstransformedmylifeandmanyofmyfriends andclientslivesIamnowsharingthisdeliciousinformation with you with the intent to transform your life Several years ago I was heavily in pursuit of my acting career. As an actress you are expected to look good be your best self and perform at the highest level at every audition meeting event etc. In addition you have to pay your bills with however many jobs you have and squeeze in a workout because our job is to look good period. Basically you are expected to look like a multi million dollar bankable talent even though those millions of dollars have not cleared yet in your bank account. As a matter of fact Im still expecting them to clear any moment It was a full time job even though I did not receive pay for all of the hours invested upfront. There were many times I had 17 hour days every day which is stressful and taxing on the body. What had me going into those rooms being on-sets and events on little to no sleep and booking so much work Drinking Chinese herbal tea tonics every day as well as taking Chinese herbal capsules. Nutrition is an important factor as well however that is a whole other topic I will cover in the future. The Chinese Herbs I began my journey with are Reishi GojiSchizandradropsPearlShen. Hereisabreakdown of these herbs and their top benets according to Dragon Herbs website at RSI SHM is arguably the greatest tonic herb on earth the elite substance for the attainment of radiant health longevity and spiritual attainment. It is very safe and non-toxic. The red Reishi mushroom Ganoderma lucidum is a superb anti-stress herb. Taoists have continuously claimed that Reishi promotes calmness centeredness balance inner awareness and inner strength. That is why it was called the Mushroom of Spiritual Potency by these seekers. In China I is considered to be a beauty herb. It is universally believed in the Far East that goji berries help prevent drying and wrinkling of the skin. Goji is rich in phospholipids the main lipid 16 MY BEAUTYLOSOPHY I ha n u eu n yn y c h ihu n us blne t es es yrl USING CHINESE HERBS to Beautify your Body Mind Spirit B Ln DAm Several years ago I was heavily in pursuit of my acting career. As an actress you are expected to look good be your best self and perform at the highest level at every audition meeting event etc. In addition you have to pay your bills with however many jobs you have and squeeze in a workout because our job is to look good period. Basically you are expected to look like a multi million dollar bankable talent even though those millions of dollars have not cleared yet in your bank account. As a matter of fact Im still It was a full time job even though I did not receive pay for all of the hours invested help prevent drying and wrinkling of the skin. Goji is rich in phospholipids the main lipid n yn y c h ihu n us blne t es es yrl My Beautylosophy Cont ..M2016 17 component of all cell membranes. Women are particularly fond of the inuence Goji has on their skin. In Asia millions of people consume Goji from the Heaven Mountains daily to retain their youthful appearance energy and youthful sex life. According to Dragon Herbs SIDA is recognized as the Quintessence of Tonic Herbs. Schizandra fruit from the plant Schisandra chinensis is the herb that does it all. It develops and protects the primary energies of life. It supports vitality and beauty when used regularly for some time. It is said to promote beautiful skin. Schizandra is said to help purify the blood support the mind help maintain a strong memory and help maintain sexual energy and sexual functions in both men and women. What a triple bonus Known as a famous beauty herb Schizandra supports the skin and its functions. Schizandra is widely used to beautify the skin and to protect the skin from the damaging eects of wind. Due to the astringent quality of Schizandra the skin tends to hold its moisture and becomes full and beautiful. It has always been very popular with the wealthy men and women of China especially the women of the imperial court because of its youth preserving and rejuvenating eects. It is said that those who use Schizandra consistently will remain youthful in both appearance and physiology. This is one of my top beauty secrets. People who start taking Schizandraregularlyallchangeforthebetter. Theirskinvirtuallyglowsand becomes clear and ne after several months. PAL SHN has a profoundly calming and grounding eect on the emotions and the body through the benet of some of the strongest and highest quality Shen stabilizing herbs in the world. Duanwood Reishi immortalized as a spiritual herb profoundly calms and centers the heart and supports lung function in helping us manage our emotions with our breath. Precious pearl and amber enter the heart and further calm and quiet the mind and body when we are thrown o balance by troubling experiences sorrow emotional distress or deep loss. Exquisite owers and rare herbs for the spirit help to maintain equanimity while jing supporting herbs help build courage and enduring strength when confronted with even the harshest of changes or upset. Regardless of age or what your profession is or social status you can begin creating your Beautylosophy right now by investing in and using Chinese Herbs to beautify yourself in body mind and spirit I would love to hear from you about the magnicent results you experienced in your life as a result of using Chinese herbs Have fun Beauties Ln DAmis an entrepreneur actress and founder of Lena DAmour Image Design. Born and raised in Long Island NY Lena studied International Business Marketing and PR at Fairleigh Dickinson University and the Fashion Institute of Technology F.I.T. In 2000 the opportunity to demonstrate her gift of image design began at Wilhelmina Models where she held the role of New Talent Image Designer for the Music Marketing Dept. In this role as a New Talent Image Designer she worked with up and coming artists such as Brandy Destinys Child Tori Amos and Darius Rucker. Lenas work played a significant role helping them reinvent their image to appeal to a larger audience and a larger advertising demographic. Utilizing her extensive personal development and life coaching experiences Lena created a holistic approach to image design which is the core essence of who she is and what she does today. She ensures that her clients are looking and feeling great inside and out attracting the opportunities they desire and deserve at Lena DAmour Image Design. 18 ..M2016 By Isabel Herrman Those who dedicate their lives to a path filled with creativity are all too familiar with professional diversity. Having multiple jobs to fill the financial void that a blossoming art career cannot provide. This does pose the question How do you identify yourself when asked what do you do For me the answer would always be exactly what I did I write I paint I do comedy I bar- tend The list goes on and on depending on what projects I take on. My professional lifestyle is far from uncommon especially for the millennial generation. Lets talk about the hustle. Now a days if you are hustlin you are working hard and putting focus into a variety of facets to earn a desired income. 20 years ago hustling would have been negatively associated with back door deals and under the table pay. How did this become the desired motif for this gener- ation Is being an artist considered the new taboo Talking with a fellow comedian he told me that he avoids identifying himself by his craft because he fears people would view him as broke. So he would say that he did comedy on the side. Yet comedy is his passion. What about telling people that you ARE a comedian is embarrassing I guess because its always asked when I was at work in the coffee shop. It was like Im not successful so therefore I have to do THE ARTIST IDENTITY random paying jobs. I dont want to feel dis- couraged by what I do best. Whats in a name A title of a job al- lows others to grasp an idea to your value. What you are worth. Society places value on positions and it comes down to income earning potential. To be a pillar of the com- munity you need to contribute the more you are worth in money the more valuable you are to society. Would you rather be known as a contribution or a broke asshole I got to the point where I dont want to be identified by anything else and accepted that Ill have to live on low income to fulfill my passion. The creative life is definitely not one for the light of heart. There is a lot of judgment and a lot of false ideas about the work and real contribution artists have on society. Our generation has been fortunate to grow up with higher education as a norm. However the importance placed on a devel- opmentally appropriate age to get a job after experiencing college is still the direction we are led to follow. Artists are the people born with ideas that change these directions. If I were to START following my dream when I graduated from college I probably wouldnt be bartending in my 30s. I cant help but laugh when I tell my mom this however there IS an element to developing as an adult ..M2016 19 to accept the sacrifice it takes to be an artist. An identity from a title isnt something artists find to be important. A true creator knows their path and can accept a bit of ambiguity to get their big picture to come true. While writing for Punk Aristocrats I was able to meet amazing musicians and inter- view them. One of the most inspiring stories I heard was about a band that traveled the Unit- ed States in a single van. After a December show in NYC they realized they had enough money to either make it to their next show and buy McDonalds dollar menu burgers or get a hotel room to share and stay warm. They knew they needed the exposure in order to make it. So these 4 dudes cuddled in the van to get through the night. A few weeks later they were offered a record deal. While talking to my mom about ALL it is that I do she told me how proud she was of all the scur- rying around I do to get work. My first instinct was that I dont scurry I hustle Im a Creative Entrepreneur. A title an identity something that communicates WHO I am rather than WHAT I do. As a creative we DO lots of things but most importantly We contribute to society in a way that creates an uncharted path for everyone. Isabel Herrman is an artist first be- lieves in humanity and strides ev- eryday to make the world a better place. Her experiences and stories are shared to further connect us all. When shes not writing about life you can find her at the beach or in a coee shop soaking in the worlds beauty or simply people watching. 20 ..M2016 This is very midsummer madness. William Shakespeare Twelfth Night This April marks the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. To commemorate theaters and groups around the world are performing and exploring the great poets many works of art. Whether you journey to the village where it all began or youre just searching for something in your own backyard its easy to be a part of the celebrations. If youre looking for an adventure this summer consider a trip to Stratford- upon-Avon. This little town in the English countryside is celebrated as the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Spend a weekend visiting historic sites like Halls Croft his childhood home New Place one of his adulthood homes and Anne Hathaways cottage. Take in one of his plays now performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company and spend your evenings dining at rustic English pubs like The Lamplighter and The Garrick Inn. If youre looking for a celebration closer to home the possibilities are endless. In New York City alone a quick internet search will turn up Central Park sonnet slams summer theater performances parades and festivals. Museums and libraries are getting into the festivities too Take the Shakespearian Birthday Celebration hosted by the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C. Each year they host an exciting event commemorating the works of the great poet and celebrating with cake short performances stage ghting demonstrations lectures on costuming and history and more. Some Shakespearian enthusiasts arent content to just watch performers on a stage. They strive to look the part of the Elizabethan noblemen and noblewomen with elaborate intricate and accurate costumes. Take the time to don each layer and think about the exciting life Shakespeare led in Elizabethan London. To nd your own high quality costumes like the ones in our feature photos check out the creations of Leslie Harris and Noblesse Oblige Costumes www.facebook.comnoblesseobligecostumes. This summer whether youve read every work of William Shakespeare or youve never even picked up a one-act play try to learn one new thing about this incredible playwright. Or as the great bard himself once wrote We know what we are but know not what we may be. Enjoy the chance to learn something new aboutShakespeareand maybe even about yourself too Photos Eric Dun Parris Jensen Models Carrie Hoover Tracey Dunn Eric Slash Dunn Parris Jensen Kayona Mack Costumes Majestic Velvets Leslie Harris owner of Noblesse Oblige Costumes LocationEvent Folger Shakespeare Library by Aeri Rose ..M2016 21 CELEBRATING SHAKESPEARE About the Author ... Have you ever had the urge to just drop what you were doing pack a bag and set out on an adventure Seven years and over two dozen countries later Aeri Rose is proof that excitement independence and discovery await those who are bold enough to say yes to lifes craziest choices. When not exploring the world with her little grey backpack Aeri Rose can be found living a nomadic lifestyle traveling the United States as an artist and entrepreneur. To follow Aeri on all her adventures check her out online at or on Facebook at www.facebook.comaerirose. play cringe-worthy hypersexualized characters and deal with female-hostile gaming jerks warped by years of marketing brain-washing look up Gamergate to get outraged. Sometimes I want to throw my hands in the air and leave the gaming world behind. Boys are stupid- throw rocks at thempout But that is not what Faith Connors or Evie Frye would do Female representation is improving in some corners. We are seeing badass women avatars who are humanized not objectified. In addition many indie game companies are designing for those who appreciate the art of gaming over the adrenaline rush and these titles often feature realistic female characters. Undeniably there are issues with the gaming industry but instead of running away looking the other way or deeming the hobby for boys check out these titles and give one a shot even if you arent a gamer - there is something for everyone. LETS FACE IT The video game world is largely a boys club. As an avid gamer girl who was expertly blowing out Nintendo cartridges by age 5 this is a sad fact. At this impressionable age games were bombarding me with a very confusing message sweet modest girls need saving and sexy scantily-clad women rip shit up. Luckily my parents banned consoles quickly and I was exploring PC game options that were strategic mind-expanding and gender neutral during my formative years. Had this not been the case my pinnacle achievement might be rolling around in mud in a bikini or even worse I might think that video games are only for boys. Though digging through the mire of misogynistic games can be tricky a few shiny nuggets of hope are buried beneath the male-targeted advertising. Many games now feature intelligent and strong heroines with realistic proportions who remain fully clothed. How did this even get to be such a problem Well once upon a time at the onset of the video game industry games were designed for everyone. Then along came Nintendo in the late 80s. They decided that boys were the ultimate market to tap so they sold the console system in the blue toy aisle and jumpstarted the male- focused video game advertising strategy excluding girls andturningfemaleavatarsinto alluringwallet-openingobjects of desire. And now girl gamers faceaCatch22Thankstosome marketing execs in the 80s and 90s most people buy into the stereotype that gaming is for guys. Thus when designers actually release titles geared toward a female audience the games do not sell very well. Then the game company goes back to releasing bro-dude hooker-beating titles that are safer. Hence the cycle continues and the minority women gamers are forced to By JRF LETS FACE IT The video game world is largely a boys club. As an avid gamer girl who was expertly blowing out Nintendo cartridges by age 5 this is a sad fact. At this impressionable age games were bombarding me with a very confusing message sweet modest girls need saving and sexy scantily-clad women rip shit By JRF 22 ..M2016 THE WALKING DEAD TELLTALE SERIES PC Mac PS3 PS4 XB 360 XB One Tablets For fans of TWD these games are great fun especially with a group of friends. They are interactive graphic adventures where your choice affects the outcome of the story. In the first game you play by the side of a tough little girl named Clementine but in the second she takes the lead. The most recent release is the untold backstory of our favorite ass-kicker Michonne. LIFEISSTRANGEPC PS3 PS4 XB 360 XB One Another episodic graphic adventure choice matters game but this one is first-person and allows you to move about the world more freely. You play Max an introverted high school teen who loves photography and has the ability to turn back time. Early in the game Max witnesses a violent encounter at her new prep school sparking her abilities and sending her on a dangerous mission. A free demo is available if you want to take this gripping story for a whirl. NELLY COOTALOT THE FOWL FLEET PC Mac Hilariously fun indie hand-drawn point and click adventure about Nelly a courageous and spunky young pirate lass bent on foiling the nefarious Baron Widebeard. Characters are unique art is fun and puzzles are just challenging enough. The game is a sequel to Nelly Cootalot Spoonbeaks Ahoy PC which is 100 free and available for download online. TOWN OF LIGHT PC OR Indie first-person psychological thriller adventure in which we play as Renee a young woman who was committed to an asylum as a 16 year-old. Years later she now returns to the condemned hospital to get some closure. If you enjoy thrillers you will love exploring this creepy and beautiful world set in Italy in the 1940s. There is even VR support if you have access to an Oculus Rift. RIVERS OF ALICE PC Mac Another visually gorgeous indie point and click adventure. You follow Alice into her watercolor and hand-drawn dream world where she learns to overcome her fears. Full of puzzles this is a lovely gentle game with minimal technical requirements. Thisgenreismoreaccessibletothecasualorbeginnergamer. Titles focus more on art story character development and solving puzzles. They are typically quieter games which are about experiencing the game world. Since they are slower- paced they are easy to fit into busy lives. T When we think of video games this adrenaline-pumping genre comes to mind first. Much of the time we play as a muscle bound dude shooting his way to glory. However there have been many women owning lately too. Your helpless princess is in another castle. MIRRORS EDGE CATALYST PC PS4 XB One Faith Connors is a martial arts master urban ninja and revolutionary determined to bring down an evil ruling conglomerate. She is the definition of strength grace and beauty without being sexualized. In this sci-fi futuristic first-person action game Faith uses her surroundings to bring down foes without firing a single bullet. Scheduled to release June 7th of this year however you can whet your palette with the original Mirrors Edge. ..M2016 23 ASSASSINSCREEDSYNDICATEPC PS4 XB One Every previous Assassins Creed has featured a male hero. FINALLY the player can choose to play as a woman. Fraternal twin assassins Evie and Jacob Frye are battling for the oppressed working class of Industrial Revolution London. Evies character is extremely well developed with a rich story arc and a sick trench coat. Sadly many people do not even realize she is a central part of the game all the advertising pushes her into the shadows which I suppose given her calculated and stealthy nature she might not mind but I do. Join Evie to kick some ass and escape to stunning Victorian era London in this third-person open world action game. RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER PC PS4 XB 360 XB One Until recently Lara Croft from the third-person action Tomb Raider franchise has always been the cool high school crush of the gaming world. From a distance her power and popularity are attractive but when you get close there is nothing of substance. Not to mention her outfit makes zero sense for climbing around tombs. She would have bloodied knees and her oversized breasts would get in the way all the time. However with this and the 2013 Tomb Raider Lara has finally achieved real power. Though released as prequels I like to think of these titles as Lara Croft from a parallel dimension where games were originally marketed to women. Not only does Lara deliver on point skull- bashing but she has personality backstory intelligence and looksand dresseslike a real woman adventurer. FALLOUT4PC PS4 XB One This first or third person perspective single- player action role-playing game does not have a specific female protagonist but you can create a highly-customizable character of either sex. This is not an uncommon feature for RPGs however Fallout 4 handles women with amazing equality. No one in game mentions your gender your armor covers just as much as it does on men and you are even allowed to have romantic relationships with other female non-player characters. On top of that there are plenty of powerful women you encounter you fight badass female bandits and everyone wants to kill you just the same in this post-nuclear open-world wasteland with utopian gender equality. If you prefer fantasy to sci-fi check out Skyrim PC PS3 XB 360 another RPG by the same designer. BLUE SHEEP PC Mac Like many of our favorite games from original PS days this is an adventure platformer with stylized cartoonish visuals. Entirely unique this indie work of art stars The Outsider an adorable girl of color who enters a beautiful fantasy world where she must fight The Beast a physical manifestation of misery. The charming graphics and original soundtrack will transport you on an emotional journey as you enter a world that tenderly paints the struggle of depression. All of these avatars are inspiring. Girls need role models who are powerful forces of nature AND realistic non- sexualized women to whom they can relate. Video games are becoming a central part of our culture. If girls and young women play strong female characters who get ahead through hard work and strategy they will feel empowered themselves. Not to mention gaming is a gateway to get girls interested in computer science and other STEM fields. If we choose to spend money on female-positive games now more female-positive games will be created. Even if you arent a gamer try to shake off stigma and stereotypes and give one of these titles a shot. Gaming can be incredibly creatively rewarding mentally stimulating and is definitely not just for boys. JRF holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics with a minor in Psychology from Swarthmore College. She resides in LA with her boyfriend and two cats where she writes acts and educates teenagers. In her free time she enjoys Netflix and chilling creating tea concoctions and of course gaming. To learn more about JRF check her out online at twitch.tvMeltedLion. 24 www.flipmagazine.netMay2016 ..M2016 25 Q Spring break time yahoo But I dont have the extra cash to make a trip. What can I do at home besides the usual hanging out with friends to make this spring break special A Once the weather warms up you can do anything outside The ideas are limitless. There are so many places that dont charge or have a minimal entrance fee gather some friends and hit the beaches parks the zoo volunteer somewhere near and dear to you take a bike ride rollerblading outdoor concerts on the lawn if youre near a body of water go swimming canoeing kayaking or tubing. If you prefer some down time hit the library to read movie night or lay back at night and look up at the stars. Spring break should be used to rest up and recharge your batteries as well as have some fun. So when you have to go back to school you can go back reenergized. Q A More than anything Laci Paige author of the Silken Edge Series enjoys spending time with her family. She and her husband support their children on the soccer pitch and off. Laci enjoys the outdoors travel and of course reading and writing and chocolate. Their family lives in Hampton Roads Virginia where Lacis adult muse wakes up late at night. Follow Laci on facebook at httpwww.facebook.comauthorlacipaige and twitter at httpstwitter.comlaci_paige. B La Pi Q I loved your advice in a previous issue of FLiP Magazine about which style boots worked best for certain body types. With summer coming up do you have any insight into swimwear for every body A Bathing suit shopping is a nightmare for most. But if you go armed with knowledge you may actually enjoy the experience. The key is in understanding your body shapesize and what dierent suit styles do to the illusion of your body. The classic one-piece tank suit atters almost everyone but not everyone likes that particular style. If youre a thicker woman youll want to nd a one piece that oers support panels or that has bunched fabric to disguise your rolls. If you prefer a two-piece then youll want to look into tankinis. Im a size 1820 large up top and I love ruched tankinis with underwire I feel they atter and support me most. If youre at up top and thin youll want something to enhance what little curves you have. This body type looks great in a string bikini by the way. But if you are too shy for that then you should nd a one piece that has angular panels andor busy prints to give you a curvy appearance. Boy shorts bottoms with rues and suits with padding also give that little extra to the illusion of more curves. If youre pear shaped the object is to make your top half appear larger. You can do this by wearing dark bottoms and a light colored top. Also a halter top with padding will add to the illusion. If you have a dened hourglass shape you should wear something that doesnt call attention to one place or the other. Halter-tops and underwire will assist your boobs while attering them. And when going for a two-piece you should opt for a hipster or high-waisted style. If youre avoiding tan lines as much as possible be sure to wear styles with detachable straps and always always wear sunblock 26 www.flipmagazine.netMay2016