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Do you share any personality traits in common with Burk If so what I think I share the loyalty aspect that Burk shares. Im loyal to a fault. That has come back to bite me many times but I dont know how else to be Are there any Season 3 spoilers you can let us in on Not if I want to keep my job HahahaTheyre pretty strict on what info we can and cannot leak. I can tell you that Burk has an older brother that is on the ship this season and the two of them are very competitive. In addition to your acting career you also host a weekly radio show Apollo Night LA airing live every Monday night 7pm PST at http The show is designed to showcase unsigned indie music artists and represents all genres from around the world. With past celebrity guests including Keke Palmer JaRule Faith Evans Jamie Foxx Kim Whitley and Nina Parker and more this show provides new artists an opportunity to be heard over the airwaves. HowdidyouandyourmomdecidetostartApollo Night LA My mother Karen came up with the idea. She tried to convince me to host it but I initially decided against it thinking Id have no interest. She started the show without me and had done only one episode while I was there and I was instantly hooked. Mom always knows best. Your co-host is your own mother Karen Sims a.k.a. Cinnamon. What is it like working with your mom It can be tough sometimes because we have each others best interest at heart and what I want for my mother is not always in line with what she wants for herself and vice versa. But we ultimately figure everything out and work well together. Im very proud of her.8 ..F2016