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Meet The Last Ships JOCKO SIMS By Alexis Monahan ..D2015 7 Hi Jocko. First things first we have to talk first about your photo co-star over to the left. Who is this lovely basset hound leading lady That was Zoe the photographers dog. As soon as I saw her I fell in love. She was only 4 months old but she felt like she weighed a lot more than that Do you have any pets yourself I love animals and dogs. I feel like Im too busy and travel too much to take on dad duties at this point. But hopefully soon Moving onto TNTs The Last Ship which is about to come back for its 3rd season on June 12th. Congratulations What is your favorite part of playing your character Lt. Carlton Burk I love playing Lt. Burk because hes loyal. Hes loyal to his country. Hes loyal to the Navy. And hes loyal to the mission. He takes a break only every now and then to smell the flowers. The flowers in this case being the ladies. But hes always a gentleman and never breaks the rules no matter how tempting or how big the reward. Jocko Sims is the talented actor probably best known for his character of Lt. Burk on TNTs The Last Ship returning for Season Three with its 2-hour premiere airing on TNT on Sunday June 12th. FLiP Magazine sat down with Jocko to talk about his acting his radio show which he co-hosts with his mom and lots more