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4 ..D2015 Letter From the Editor Hello FLiP Magazine Readers- Summer summer summertime-cue the DJ and insert a music emoji here Whether you are spending the summer working partying relaxing or more than likely a combination of all three FLiP is here to help you make the most of summer 2016. Worried about getting your beachtime body ready Eat This Not That by Jackie Learmond and our latest workout tutorial by FLiPs in house trainer Ricardo Zarate will help you get back on track. Looking for some summer tunes to get the party started Add a few numbers from 50 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die to your playlist. Are you a fan of summer action movies Then dont miss our review of Batman v. Superman before checking out the lm for yourself. Thinking of a summer vacation Our QA author Laci Paige oers some travel tips to stay on budget and in style while Aeri Rose oers a unique alternative to the typical summer getaway a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to relive the history of Shakespeare and celebrate the authors 400th anniversary. Also in this issue The Last Ships Jocko Sims is our rst ever male FLiPW cover model while we introduce new model Jessica Keith on our M side cover. Youll also nd coverage and images from the rst ever Silicon Valley Comic Con. There is so much more to enjoy this issue and I hope youll ip on through to see for yourselves As always if you think you might have a subject article editorial or event that could interest us please feel free to reach me at I hope this latest issue inspires encourages and fullls you as much as it does all of us here at FLiP Magazine. So what are you waiting for Flip on through the pages of FLiP Magazine Alexis Nichols FLiP Magazine Editor in Chief Photo By Steph Girard