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ASSASSINSCREEDSYNDICATEPC PS4 XB One Every previous Assassins Creed has featured a male hero. FINALLY the player can choose to play as a woman. Fraternal twin assassins Evie and Jacob Frye are battling for the oppressed working class of Industrial Revolution London. Evies character is extremely well developed with a rich story arc and a sick trench coat. Sadly many people do not even realize she is a central part of the game all the advertising pushes her into the shadows which I suppose given her calculated and stealthy nature she might not mind but I do. Join Evie to kick some ass and escape to stunning Victorian era London in this third-person open world action game. RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER PC PS4 XB 360 XB One Until recently Lara Croft from the third-person action Tomb Raider franchise has always been the cool high school crush of the gaming world. From a distance her power and popularity are attractive but when you get close there is nothing of substance. Not to mention her outfit makes zero sense for climbing around tombs. She would have bloodied knees and her oversized breasts would get in the way all the time. However with this and the 2013 Tomb Raider Lara has finally achieved real power. Though released as prequels I like to think of these titles as Lara Croft from a parallel dimension where games were originally marketed to women. Not only does Lara deliver on point skull- bashing but she has personality backstory intelligence and looksand dresseslike a real woman adventurer. FALLOUT4PC PS4 XB One This first or third person perspective single- player action role-playing game does not have a specific female protagonist but you can create a highly-customizable character of either sex. This is not an uncommon feature for RPGs however Fallout 4 handles women with amazing equality. No one in game mentions your gender your armor covers just as much as it does on men and you are even allowed to have romantic relationships with other female non-player characters. On top of that there are plenty of powerful women you encounter you fight badass female bandits and everyone wants to kill you just the same in this post-nuclear open-world wasteland with utopian gender equality. If you prefer fantasy to sci-fi check out Skyrim PC PS3 XB 360 another RPG by the same designer. BLUE SHEEP PC Mac Like many of our favorite games from original PS days this is an adventure platformer with stylized cartoonish visuals. Entirely unique this indie work of art stars The Outsider an adorable girl of color who enters a beautiful fantasy world where she must fight The Beast a physical manifestation of misery. The charming graphics and original soundtrack will transport you on an emotional journey as you enter a world that tenderly paints the struggle of depression. All of these avatars are inspiring. Girls need role models who are powerful forces of nature AND realistic non- sexualized women to whom they can relate. Video games are becoming a central part of our culture. If girls and young women play strong female characters who get ahead through hard work and strategy they will feel empowered themselves. Not to mention gaming is a gateway to get girls interested in computer science and other STEM fields. If we choose to spend money on female-positive games now more female-positive games will be created. Even if you arent a gamer try to shake off stigma and stereotypes and give one of these titles a shot. Gaming can be incredibly creatively rewarding mentally stimulating and is definitely not just for boys. JRF holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics with a minor in Psychology from Swarthmore College. She resides in LA with her boyfriend and two cats where she writes acts and educates teenagers. In her free time she enjoys Netflix and chilling creating tea concoctions and of course gaming. To learn more about JRF check her out online at twitch.tvMeltedLion. 24 www.flipmagazine.netMay2016