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THE WALKING DEAD TELLTALE SERIES PC Mac PS3 PS4 XB 360 XB One Tablets For fans of TWD these games are great fun especially with a group of friends. They are interactive graphic adventures where your choice affects the outcome of the story. In the first game you play by the side of a tough little girl named Clementine but in the second she takes the lead. The most recent release is the untold backstory of our favorite ass-kicker Michonne. LIFEISSTRANGEPC PS3 PS4 XB 360 XB One Another episodic graphic adventure choice matters game but this one is first-person and allows you to move about the world more freely. You play Max an introverted high school teen who loves photography and has the ability to turn back time. Early in the game Max witnesses a violent encounter at her new prep school sparking her abilities and sending her on a dangerous mission. A free demo is available if you want to take this gripping story for a whirl. NELLY COOTALOT THE FOWL FLEET PC Mac Hilariously fun indie hand-drawn point and click adventure about Nelly a courageous and spunky young pirate lass bent on foiling the nefarious Baron Widebeard. Characters are unique art is fun and puzzles are just challenging enough. The game is a sequel to Nelly Cootalot Spoonbeaks Ahoy PC which is 100 free and available for download online. TOWN OF LIGHT PC OR Indie first-person psychological thriller adventure in which we play as Renee a young woman who was committed to an asylum as a 16 year-old. Years later she now returns to the condemned hospital to get some closure. If you enjoy thrillers you will love exploring this creepy and beautiful world set in Italy in the 1940s. There is even VR support if you have access to an Oculus Rift. RIVERS OF ALICE PC Mac Another visually gorgeous indie point and click adventure. You follow Alice into her watercolor and hand-drawn dream world where she learns to overcome her fears. Full of puzzles this is a lovely gentle game with minimal technical requirements. Thisgenreismoreaccessibletothecasualorbeginnergamer. Titles focus more on art story character development and solving puzzles. They are typically quieter games which are about experiencing the game world. Since they are slower- paced they are easy to fit into busy lives. T When we think of video games this adrenaline-pumping genre comes to mind first. Much of the time we play as a muscle bound dude shooting his way to glory. However there have been many women owning lately too. Your helpless princess is in another castle. MIRRORS EDGE CATALYST PC PS4 XB One Faith Connors is a martial arts master urban ninja and revolutionary determined to bring down an evil ruling conglomerate. She is the definition of strength grace and beauty without being sexualized. In this sci-fi futuristic first-person action game Faith uses her surroundings to bring down foes without firing a single bullet. Scheduled to release June 7th of this year however you can whet your palette with the original Mirrors Edge. ..M2016 23