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20 ..M2016 This is very midsummer madness. William Shakespeare Twelfth Night This April marks the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. To commemorate theaters and groups around the world are performing and exploring the great poets many works of art. Whether you journey to the village where it all began or youre just searching for something in your own backyard its easy to be a part of the celebrations. If youre looking for an adventure this summer consider a trip to Stratford- upon-Avon. This little town in the English countryside is celebrated as the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Spend a weekend visiting historic sites like Halls Croft his childhood home New Place one of his adulthood homes and Anne Hathaways cottage. Take in one of his plays now performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company and spend your evenings dining at rustic English pubs like The Lamplighter and The Garrick Inn. If youre looking for a celebration closer to home the possibilities are endless. In New York City alone a quick internet search will turn up Central Park sonnet slams summer theater performances parades and festivals. Museums and libraries are getting into the festivities too Take the Shakespearian Birthday Celebration hosted by the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C. Each year they host an exciting event commemorating the works of the great poet and celebrating with cake short performances stage ghting demonstrations lectures on costuming and history and more. Some Shakespearian enthusiasts arent content to just watch performers on a stage. They strive to look the part of the Elizabethan noblemen and noblewomen with elaborate intricate and accurate costumes. Take the time to don each layer and think about the exciting life Shakespeare led in Elizabethan London. To nd your own high quality costumes like the ones in our feature photos check out the creations of Leslie Harris and Noblesse Oblige Costumes www.facebook.comnoblesseobligecostumes. This summer whether youve read every work of William Shakespeare or youve never even picked up a one-act play try to learn one new thing about this incredible playwright. Or as the great bard himself once wrote We know what we are but know not what we may be. Enjoy the chance to learn something new aboutShakespeareand maybe even about yourself too Photos Eric Dun Parris Jensen Models Carrie Hoover Tracey Dunn Eric Slash Dunn Parris Jensen Kayona Mack Costumes Majestic Velvets Leslie Harris owner of Noblesse Oblige Costumes LocationEvent Folger Shakespeare Library by Aeri Rose