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My Beautylosophy Cont ..M2016 17 component of all cell membranes. Women are particularly fond of the inuence Goji has on their skin. In Asia millions of people consume Goji from the Heaven Mountains daily to retain their youthful appearance energy and youthful sex life. According to Dragon Herbs SIDA is recognized as the Quintessence of Tonic Herbs. Schizandra fruit from the plant Schisandra chinensis is the herb that does it all. It develops and protects the primary energies of life. It supports vitality and beauty when used regularly for some time. It is said to promote beautiful skin. Schizandra is said to help purify the blood support the mind help maintain a strong memory and help maintain sexual energy and sexual functions in both men and women. What a triple bonus Known as a famous beauty herb Schizandra supports the skin and its functions. Schizandra is widely used to beautify the skin and to protect the skin from the damaging eects of wind. Due to the astringent quality of Schizandra the skin tends to hold its moisture and becomes full and beautiful. It has always been very popular with the wealthy men and women of China especially the women of the imperial court because of its youth preserving and rejuvenating eects. It is said that those who use Schizandra consistently will remain youthful in both appearance and physiology. This is one of my top beauty secrets. People who start taking Schizandraregularlyallchangeforthebetter. Theirskinvirtuallyglowsand becomes clear and ne after several months. PAL SHN has a profoundly calming and grounding eect on the emotions and the body through the benet of some of the strongest and highest quality Shen stabilizing herbs in the world. Duanwood Reishi immortalized as a spiritual herb profoundly calms and centers the heart and supports lung function in helping us manage our emotions with our breath. Precious pearl and amber enter the heart and further calm and quiet the mind and body when we are thrown o balance by troubling experiences sorrow emotional distress or deep loss. Exquisite owers and rare herbs for the spirit help to maintain equanimity while jing supporting herbs help build courage and enduring strength when confronted with even the harshest of changes or upset. Regardless of age or what your profession is or social status you can begin creating your Beautylosophy right now by investing in and using Chinese Herbs to beautify yourself in body mind and spirit I would love to hear from you about the magnicent results you experienced in your life as a result of using Chinese herbs Have fun Beauties Ln DAmis an entrepreneur actress and founder of Lena DAmour Image Design. Born and raised in Long Island NY Lena studied International Business Marketing and PR at Fairleigh Dickinson University and the Fashion Institute of Technology F.I.T. In 2000 the opportunity to demonstrate her gift of image design began at Wilhelmina Models where she held the role of New Talent Image Designer for the Music Marketing Dept. In this role as a New Talent Image Designer she worked with up and coming artists such as Brandy Destinys Child Tori Amos and Darius Rucker. Lenas work played a significant role helping them reinvent their image to appeal to a larger audience and a larger advertising demographic. Utilizing her extensive personal development and life coaching experiences Lena created a holistic approach to image design which is the core essence of who she is and what she does today. She ensures that her clients are looking and feeling great inside and out attracting the opportunities they desire and deserve at Lena DAmour Image Design.