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14 ..M2016 On March 7th 2016 in Istanbul hundreds of women were shot with rubber bullets as they gathered to rally for gender equality. On the same day the Supreme Court denied a law that would have shut down all but one abortion clinic in Louisiana. Also on March 7th former First Lady and advocate of stem cell research Nancy Reagan passed away due to congestive heart failure. All of which the vast majority of us heard little to none about because on this same day Kim Kardashian posted a nude sele. Ever since the now infamous Kim Kardashian nude sele crashed into our world I feel like its all Ive heard about. Arguments over what female empowerment REALLY means- Is she brave Is she trashy Is she doing it for the publicity Is she doing it for the greater good of women Is she the downfall of progressiveness Blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. Ive heard every argument in the book til Im sick of it because really who cares And WHY does everyone care so much When living in a world where Donald Trump could represent this country why are we still judging the acts of a woman whose claim to fame is a sex tape and makeup How is this something we are still xating on Kimmy K. could have done what she did for a number of reasons- for publicity for attention for empowerment hell even for fun. I dont really care. Theres no way we can ever know her motives and trying to pin a certain idea onto it is futile. If she felt empowered by it then I say good for her and lets move on please. What we can do is look at our own actions. We society have taken this little tiny incident this one little picture and blown it into a massive platform for arguments. Instead of letting it be the smallest blip on the historical radar as it should have been we created a Frankenstein. Whether female empowerment was the objective of the photo is a moot point by now- Kim K. was empowered the minute we blew a miniscule item way out of proportion. We gave her that power. This is a problem constantly facing us these days as we turn our attentions towards the likes of Kim K Donald TrumpandInternetmemes. Whetheryourefororagainst them any absorbent attention heaped onto these fools is already giving them more than they deserve. People in that position rarely care whats being said about them as long as SOMETHING is being said. To be the subject of common conversation is a special kind of power that we need to be aware of. Of course there is something to be said for evaluating the actions of those in the limelight but the public needs to realize that the power is actually coming from US. We make the limelight we choose who to listen to what to watch whos in power. In a democratic nation we have suddenly forgotten how to wield the power of the people. Instead of arguing about the motives of a woman made famous simply for her looks and wealth why dont we direct our attention to the million other important events happening around us Why dont we spend more than one day on Facebook mourning terrorist attacks Imagine what would happen if the same amount of people whove discussed this nude sele conict could band together and tackle something important such as domestic abuse Theres so much good to be done in this world and we waste it by giving our power away to all the wrong people. Look Im a feminist and I care very much about the message we women put out there in the world. I WANT there to be discussions about female empowerment and what it means today. Despite all the good thats been happening for us theres still so much yet to be accomplished. This is a crucial time in history one that I hope our descendants can look back on and claim with pride. Unfortunately I doubt they will. Instead of seeing an America joined together to help Syrian refugees theyll see an America that fought over the social interpretation ofamereword.Ihaveseenmaybe2articleswrittenabout the women who free bled on the steps of Parliament as opposed to the 10 articles Ive seen written about Kim Kardashians nudity. What gives me hope is that there is so much power within the world to change that. There is so much power within YOU to change that. I truly believe that the more people realize that the strength for change is within them the morepositiveinuenceswellseeinthisworld.Remember that the next time you go to post a status or a picture- you can change something for someone somewhere. I think THAT is the most empowering thing of all. YOUVE GOT THE POWERUsingSocialMediaForGood Arielle Nieshalla is a writer actor and all around dabbler in the arts living in LA. She loves reading and looking contem- platively out of windows whilst its raining. Shes a contributing writer for the fabulous HelloGiggles website and you can follow some of her writing at httphellogiggles.compraise-real-father3or if social media is more of your thing catch her adventures in Instagram Aribelle89. By Arielle Nieshalla