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12 ..M2016 As women ... we juggle a multitude of responsibilities and 5 minutes is often all the time we have for makeup. I have devised a step-by-step guide on how to look your very best in no time flat Youll Need Powder brush Foundation or tinted moisturizer Concealer Powder Blush Kohl pencil Mascara Lipstick or lipgloss Optional A brow product pencil powder or gel and highlighter 1. Beginning with a hydrated canvas nothing screams fatigue like dehydrated skin select a base of choice. Whetheritisaliquidfoundation or a tinted moisturizer reach for Mr. Reliable. Selecting a product that you knowperformswelliskeyandcutstime. 2. Next it is time to address any blemishes and under-eye darkness. When youre in a rush select a concealer that caters to darkness as well as discoloration. Lightweight liquid concealers are the best for this. Sweep some underneath the eyes and blend out with your ring nger or a concealer brush. Then target any blemishes or areas of discoloration. Blend gently until it melts into the foundation.Fig. 1 2 By Sheridan Hayley httpsheridansoderstrom.wix.comshartistry Photography By Harvey Branman Model Alexis Nichols T U T O R I A L T I M E FAB IN 5