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32 SONGSYOUMUSTHEAR BEFOREYOUDIE50BYFELICELAZAE S haring your favorite songs with others can be like opening a personal portal into ones life experiences and what shapes us as a person. A song can mean so much to one person and so little to another. And at the same time one song can unite huge groups of individuals from dierent backgrounds and regions around the world who know nothing about each other but are all moved in the same way by that one song. Sometimes its the lyrical content that hits us on a deep emotional level because it brings up memories that we can directly relate to. Sometimes its the music that can either instantly lift our spirits reinforce our feelings of sadness or comfort us in our time of need. Its hard to describe why a certain song hits us in a certain way. Its not always something that can be analyzed and put into words. A lot of the time its a certain spirit to the song its a feeling. And that feeling changes over time. The initial feeling comes when you rst hear the song. Its new and brilliant as it hits your ears. You try to soak in every note. You try to feel every beat deeply in those rst few minutes. You know something special is happening. As soon as it ends you want to hear it again. You know that this song will stay with you for years to come. You know that youve made a deep emotional connection with it. Sometimes that emotional connection is related to who is with you when you hear the song. I remember when I was little my mom my brother and I heard The Way by Fastball for the rst time and the groove the arrangement and the words just made us all so happy. We instantly loved it. We all broke out dancing together. And as we got to know the song better every time it came on the radio we all sang along with so much passion. It was OUR song. That song captured that moment in our lives and every time I hear that song that moment lives on in my heart and soul. Im transported back to being a little girl with my mom and brother and if I close my eyes Im there again and all of those amazing feelings of love and happiness ood in. Music is such a powerful time machine. There are many songs that have touched me over the years and I cant imagine living without hearing them. Friends and family have also introduced me to many songs with a phrase like You MUST hear this. I have friends who on a regular basis send me songs and new artists to listen to because it hit them in a particular way and they must spread that feeling the music gave them. That feeling is so important. For most of us as humans that feeling we get from listening to music that truly touches us is a big part of our experience while living on Earth. So here are my top 50 songs in no particular order and 50 is not nearly enough so I know Ive left some out you must hear before you die. Some of them are popular some of them are hidden gems. Some of them I discovered on my own some of them I was introduced to by a friend.All of them touched me and gave me that feeling. Grounds For Divorce Elbow Criminal Fiona Apple Dont Panic Coldplay Pink Moon Nick Drake Dashboard Modest Mouse The Waterboy Odetta Just Out Of Reach The Zombies Will You Be There Michael Jackson The Way Fastball Seven Nation Army The White Stripes