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www.flipmagazine.netMay2016 29 www.flipmagazine.netMay2016www.flipmagazine.netMay2016 2929 Why do we insist on erasing our history Erasing historydoesnotmagicallyerasehate.Ifanything it makes people forget about the dark chapters of human history. We should never forget those parts of our past. We remember so we can learn from these dark chapters of humanity. We must learn from our mistakes of the past or we will certainly repeat them The reason we have monuments statues etc. is not always to commemorate or honor something. Often times it is to remind us of the terrible parts of our history. I grew up in the South. Im not proud by any means of certain parts of our history. That does not mean we should pretend they do not exist. The Civil Rights Museum in downtown Birmingham depicts imagery and events from a horrible period of the South. Should we tear it down just because it is unpleasant Many people want to remove statues of Robert E. Lee. When I see a statue of him I think of a time when our nation was divided. When there was a conict of ideologies about what type of nation we would be. Yes slavery was part of that war too. The Civil War was a pivotal point of social moral and cultural evolution. Everything was not solved but it was a step in the right direction. In New Orleans there is a statue of Andrew Jackson on horseback. He forcefully removed thousands upon thousands of Native Americans--- --The Trail of Tears This was truly a dark page in a dark chapter of the near annihilation of a people. Are we going to tear his statue down Are we going to take his face o the twenty-dollar bill No we will not. We must remember these atrocities. Thomas Jeerson owned slaves and slept with slave women. I have not heard anything about removing his monument from Washington DC. Why He wrote the Declaration of Independence and was a Founding Father. Many people protested and disagreed with the Vietnam War. It was a terrible social trauma inicted on our national consciousness Should we remove it as well I am not saying we should remove either monument the point is we cannot just remember the good points in history and ignore the dark chapters. Statues monuments plaques are not always about honoring events and people. If we erase the pastit still happened Are we supposed to just collectively forget The answer is no. This idea of erasing dark andor unpleasant points in history in my mind sets a very very dangerous precedent. The rst time I heard read and saw anything about this notion of removing monuments and statues depicting dark pages of history all I could think of was the book 1984 by George Orwell. Now rst of all let us be clear I am not saying that is exactly what is occurring. However this book is worth mentioning briey. Anyone familiar with the book knows that the main character Winston Smith was a clerk at the Records Department at the Ministry of Truth. His job was to write and rewrite history to suit the state. Thus allowing the state Big Brother to manipulate public perception. If these monuments statues plaques etc. are taken down what would prevent someone from manipulating the past by twisting it around to suit their purposes We must remember the past or we are doomed to repeat it There are dark chapters stained with blood in humanitys past which occurred all over the world. Moments where our reason failed us where conicting ideologies fuelled by fear and hatred led to war and atrocities sometimes quite unfathomable. If we are to evolve further and be better as a species we must not erase history. We must study remember and most importantly understand these dark chapters. As should our children their children and so on. We must learn from it. Learning will never occur and never has by closing our eyes and pretending it never happened I have always believed you should write what you know My passions and fascinations include history philosophy mythology and psychology. I love to people watch. I get many ideas that way. I am an avid science ction fan. Science ction is based in our imagination our imagination propels humanity forward in all our endeavors. -Lewis Stockham Erasing HistoryBy Lewis Stockham