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Q A B La Pi Q My girlfriend and I have about 5 weddings to go to this summer and I have no idea what Im supposed to wear. Whats the usual for a summer wedding A I wish I had a little more information from you to really give you a detailed answer. Your climate and the theme of the weddings come in to play. Since I dont know what those are the best advice to give you for such a special event is that overdressing is better than under-dressing. While planning your attire you should almost always consider a suit and also remember that lighter fabrics and colors are usually worn for summer weddings. Another thing to consider is what your girlfriend is wearing you dont necessarily need to color coordinate but you want to make sure that you look good together and dont clash. People take a lot of photos during weddings and you want to look good together. Regardless what you wear be sure to be respectful and enjoy your time in honoring the union of two people. Q Once and for all whats a normal penis size A There is no such thing as a normal penis size. But an average of several studies combined show that Average flaccid length is 2.6 to 3.9 inches. Average flaccid girth is from 3.6 to 3.9 inches. Average erect length is from 4.6 to 6.3 inches. Average erect girth is about 4.7. One other thing to take into consideration is heritage. According to the world map of penis sizes where individuals report in men in Congo have an average size of 7.1 inches and men in Nepal have an average of 3.7 and those in Russia report an average of 5.2. So while taking size into consideration think of where your ancestors came from. Approximately 50 of all men think their penis is too small. What some men dont know is that most women would prefer an average penis over a larger one. Map stats obtained from httpwww.targetmap.comviewer.aspxreportId3073 More than anything Laci Paige author of the Silken Edge Series enjoys spending time with her family. She and her husband support their children on the soccer pitch and off. Laci enjoys the outdoors travel and of course reading and writing and chocolate. Their family lives in Hampton Roads Virginia where Lacis adult muse wakes up late at night. Follow Laci on facebook at httpwww.facebook.comauthorlacipaige and twitter at httpstwitter.comlaci_paige. 28 www.flipmagazine.netFebrary2016