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the page and the directors vision hasnt been realized yet in order to set the music to. He prefers to wait until the editing room and start the process when the footage is in and the story is starting to come together. The most important and probably the most rewarding and fun part is I view every movie almost like a puzzle and sort of cracking the puzzle getting to the root of everything from which the tree of a score will blossom. The timing and those elements which are essential to the picture. That to me is a fun challenge but it can be anxiety filled as well cause sometimes it doesnt immediately show itselfsometimes you have to really workyou can be working for a couple of weeks and not have anything to show because you havent cracked the puzzle yet. But then after you do its just a question of filling in the blanks I think. For Marcos work on the new film Gods of Egypt he says working with director Alex Proyas was a bit more old school in that it was a very collaborative process and discussion of visions. After watching the rough edits of the film he envisioned Gods of Egypt as a very thematic film and so he worked on the themes firstlike a Horus theme a Set theme and a Beck and Zia theme. He then put these themes into the bigger picture. The part that I like the most is the beginning and obviously the end when you actually have musicians bring it to life Marco says. From actionadventure films like Gods of Egypt to horror films like Scream to dramas like The Hurt Locker and Westerns like 310 to Yuma Marco has composed for many movie genres. When it comes to choosing which films he wants to work on Marco says the genre is not the crucial thing. He focuses most on what speaks toinspires him the most. Its not that I prefer horror movies or anything in fact I dont really like horror moviesIve always been a cheap scare. I think the first horror movie I ever saw was Scream. And his best advice to aspiring composers I think there are a lot more opportunities now for people who want to become composers just because it is so much easier to make movies and there are so many little independent movies which is a great way to start honing your craft. Having a classic training or academic training I dont think is crucial to it. I think that having a dramatic sense a sense of picture is fundamental. And when those skills go hand-in-hand with musicianship skills then those are the key ingredients for having a great film composer. When you have just one or the other it becomes a little more challenging. www.flipmagazine.netMay2016 27