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PUSH-UP PLANK DUMBBELL ROW TO TRICEP KICKBACK TUTORIALTIMEWORKOUT By Fitness Trainer Ricardo Zarate Photography by Shaun Yen 1 2 3 4 5 1. Start off in a push-up position on the dumb- bells. 2. Pull the right dumbbell into your armpit while keeping the elbow close to your ribs. 3. While holding your weight up with your left arm push the right hand back towards the ceiling while maintaining your elbow next to you rib. 4. Bring the hand back down while still hold- ing your elbow in place. 5. Bring you right arm down to the push-up position. 6. Repeat steps 1-5 on the left arm and alter- nate every repetition. Basic at home workouts can keep you stag- nant with the common push-ups or lunges as staples to get you in shape. Not only do these workouts get extremely boring after a while but they also get your body in a state of pla- teauing sooner rather than later. In order to keep your body progressing and also to keep those results coming you have to get a little creative. The push-up plank dumbbell row to dumbbell tricep kickback is nothing short of that. This exercise introduces a series of move- ments that will work your core back arms chest legs and stabilizer muscles. Though this workout is a great exercise to get that overall body workout dont underestimate the conditioning you need to be in to perform this exercise. This workout is definitely for the more advanced exerciser and should always be performed focusing on form. With that being said dive in and feel the soreness even two to three days after youve taken it on to your new workout regimen. All you need for this movement is a set of dumbbells and a hard floor. 24