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www.flipmagazine.netMay2016 23 Responsible daily dietary habits in combination with physical activity can help in maintaining a healthy weight reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease type 2 diabetes blood pressure and certain types of cancers and promote overall health. So lets take a closer look so we can make a nutritious choice and live a healthier lifestyle. SWEETNESS DRINK THIS c mixed berries juiced w c coconut water 68 calories 10g sugar EAT THIS 1 c pineapples 82 calories 16g sugar EAT THIS 1 c Greek yogurt 120 calories 9 g sugars DRINK THIS 16oz coconut water 92 calories 12.6g sugar Added sugar is the single worst ingredient found in packaged food. It contributes to added calories with no added nutrients and can wreck your metabolism when its all said and done. It is imperative to understand and be able to make the distinction between added sugars and sugars that are naturally present in foods like fruits and vegetables. Your liver will thank you The recommended intake is 37.5 grams. NOT THAT 8 oz Berry Blend juice 70 calories 16g sugar artificial and natural NOT THAT 1c canned pineapples 100 juice 140 calories 32g sugar NOT THAT 1 c light ice cream 214 calories 28.8g sugar NOT THAT 16 oz GATORADE 104 calories 26.6g sugar SALTY EAT THIS 2oz popcorn 62 calories 2mg sodium EAT THIS oatmeal 1tbsp brown sugarraisins 166 calories 143 calories 9mg sodium The recommended 1500mg - 2400mgday. Increased sodium equals increased water retention and increased blood pressure which forces the heart to work harder to pump blood. This creates a tired heart. No one wants to do that. NOT THAT 2oz potato chips 320 calories 340mg sodium NOT THAT Raisin oatmeal bar 90 calories 80mg sodium Jackie Learmond is an actress in the upcoming web series New Yorkers Guide to LaLa Land set to premiere late spring. In addition as an herbalist Jackie has founded Dear Powder Room a natural and homemade soap and skincare line dedicated to providing honest and pronounceable ingredients available for purchase early April.