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22 www.flipmagazine.netMay2016 Ok show of hands ... how many of us want to eat healthier Eating correctly is a challenge for almost everyone however its never too early or too late to work towards becoming a healthier you. Good nutrition plays a key role in keeping your diet in good shape So lets take a look at how we can start replacing unhealthy meals with nutritionally responsible options. EAT NATURAL FOODS Packaged and processed foods are often full of sugar salt unhealthy fats artificial additives and calories. AVOID THE FAKE STUFF. Eat This Not ThatBy Jackie Learmond TERMINOLOGY IS MISLEADING Confused No worries Nearly 59 of consumers have a hard time understanding nutrition labels according to a Nielsen survey. Being a source of.... means that there is 10-17 of your daily requirement in 1 serving. CALORIE-FREE means less than 5 calories for a given reference amount. Reduced fat only means a 25 reduction usually adding sugar and salt in its place. Reduced sodium means a 25 reduction regardless of the initial level. Lightly sweetened has no set standard. No seriously the FDA has no clear definition so umm yeah lightly sweetened means what now A drop less A cup less There is as much sugar in 1 cup of Breyers Vanilla ice cream as there is in a serving of light Breyers Vanilla ice cream. Before you put it in your cart check how many grams of sugar per serving and sodium. Lets take a proactive approach with these simple steps ... BREAKFAST ANYONE NOT THAT plain bagel 245 calories NOT THAT 2 strips of bacon 86 calories EAT THIS whole grain English muffin 134 calories EAT THIS 2 pieces of turkey bacon 60 calories NOT THAT Tuna deli sandwich 530 calories NOT THAT 2 tablespoon mayonnaise 188 calories NOT THAT A hoagie roll 262 calories EAT THIS Turkey deli sandwich 280 calories EAT THIS 2 tablespoons mustard 21 calories EAT THIS 2 slices of whole wheat toast 138 calories WHO DOESNT LOVE A TASTY SANDWICH Whether youre making it at home or going to your favorite deli a great sandwich can be nutritious as well as scrumptious.