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Create a Breakdown With a start date and final deadline set you now need to set some mini deadlines. Break your cosplay down into parts shirt pants shoes gloves staff etc. Youll want to make a list so you dont forget anything not a mental list a hand- written or typed list. After youve broken your cosplay down into parts consider the compo- nents required to make each of those parts fabric thread zippers etc. Now you have a shopping list also not a mental list. With this you can estimate how long each part of your project will take to complete. Time estimation is a skill that relies on realism. Once again if youre attempting something you havent done before such as resin casting you dont know how long it will take. The tutorial might say it takes 6 hours but for your first attempt with something new you arent going to move as quickly as the pro who made the tutorial. It could take you two three or four times as long to figure things out and then reattempt the new technique before you get it right. You might even have to start over and pick up more supplies. This is the mindset you should have as you budget your time. Never assume the first attempt will produce the final product. So estimate realistically how long each part will take to complete and set mini goals for completing parts of the cosplay spaced evenly up until your deadline. The best place to start is with the most challenging parts of the cosplay like the things you need to research or havent tried before. Ideally you want to work on mul- tiple parts of the cosplay at once so that you dont exhaust yourself working on one thing and increase the likelihood of completing everything. Do the things you feel most comfortable doing towards the end of the project and the most challenging near the beginning. If youve made hundreds of bows before save that for last. Accountability One final time management tip accountability. You can set goals and deadlines for yourself but whos holding you to them If your friends arent already involved involve them or a family member to help keep tabs on your prog- ress. Give them a copy of your timeline so they can check if youre reaching your goals and provide encouragement. www.flipmagazine.netMay2016 19 Never assume the first attempt will produce the final product.