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BUDGETINGACosplayBy Azayaka Cosplay Ithappenstoallofus.We wind up with an unfinished cosplay because we ran out of time andor money. Theres no shame. But there is a fix. Its wise to set a budget for your cosplay as in all aspects of life. Not only does it cause YOU great disappointment to have an unfinished cosplay it often ruins your friends plans too when a member from the group cosplay is missing. Peruse these cosplay specific time and money management tips for completing your quality cosplay on time. Set A Deadline The number one rule to time budgeting is set a deadline. Whether you aim to finish for a specific event or not a deadline pushes you to work consistently on a project and heightens its importance. A little pressure is good. If you dont have a specific event coming up for which you want to wear your cosplay con- sider creating one. It could be a photoshoot or just a gathering of friends whatever it may be it will provide healthy motivation. Your deadline however is not the day of the event or the day before. Place your deadline a full week before the event to ensure you dont pull any all-nighters. You wont be happy with how your cosplay turned out and you place undue stress on your body. Ive put an end to my last minute ways due to all my gray hairs ... So you have a deadline but when do you start Of course it depends on the complexity of your project but as a minimum allow yourself 3 months. That might sound like a lot of time. Realistically it usually takes at least that long to put together a cosplay even a simple one. You can never predict what other obligations might spring up. Especially if youre attempting something you havent done before you cant really know how long it will take you. Furthermore this allows time to make samples and mock-ups test runs for your cosplay to guarantee it looks and functions how you imagine it will. 18 www.flipmagazine.netMay2016