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how you keep in shape Yes I was mainly an endurance athlete and focused my attention on cross country track and swimming. Although I certainly dont run nearly as much as I used to I do still love to run as a way to stay in shape. Once a runner always a runner I still do quite a bit of endurance training but I stick to cross training more so than running. I love to mix up my workouts so I rarely do the same thing. Its a great way to shock your body. In a recent interview you said I think that actors and actresses of Asian descent have traditionally been somewhat under-represented in American film and television. That is slowly starting to change and I hope to be one of the pioneers to help move the trend forward even if only in some small way. We love that idea How do you plan to be a part of that movement Simply by working hard. I believe actresses of Asian descent myself included have to prove that we belong in the forefront of film and television. This movement of diversity is finally starting to take Hollywood by storm and I couldnt be happier. It fuels me to persevere and to take every opportunity I receive to the next level. We cant wait to see and hear more from you Where are the best places our readers can connect with you online My website is and IMDB is always a great place to see what projects Im working on at any given time. I have quite a few projects being released this year and I am preparing to shoot a few more in the coming months. The best places to connect with me directly would probably be Instagram or Twitter at xoashleypark. c www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 9