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4 ..D2015 Letter From the Editor Hello FLiP Magazine Readers- We are all well into 2016 now and there is no turning back-but why would you want to anyway The new year is off to a great start and you are hitting the ground running we hope And if not our latest issue is here to re-steer you on the right path. Our Tutorial Time articles on Strobing and Push Up Plank to Oblique Mountain Climber will keep you looking great while you work to achieve your goals using articles like Slow Travel-Being About the Journey and How To Repair Your Credit to be the independent financially free people you want to be We even have an introductory article to feng shui your space with Bringing Positive Feng Shui Energy to Your Home through Art. Plus Valentines Day is upon us and FLiP is here to help you prepare for the day whether it be with finding the perfect gift for a loved one in your life by using our article Priceless Valentines Day Ideas to guide your shopping or craft endeavors or taking the time to appreciate and honor yourself with Whats in a Name-How To Be Okay Being Single. Afterall until you are fully whole on your own there isnt much to offer or gain from a partner. And we cant forget our covers the newly crowned Miss Asia USA Ashley Park opens up about keeping her Korean culture alive at home stateside for the W side while our publisher Frank Monahan catches up with RB songstress Morgan James on the M side to learn more about her life on the road and on Broadway. There is so much more to enjoy this issue and I hope youll flip on through to see for yourselves As always if you think you might have a subject article editorial or event that could interest us please feel free to reach me at I hope this latest issue inspires encourages and fulfills you as much as it does all of us here at FLiP Magazine. So what are you waiting for Flip on through the pages of FLiP Magazine Alexis Nichols FLiP Magazine Editor in Chief Photo By Steph Girard