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28 ..F2016 Q My four best friends and I just went through breakups right before Valentines Day. Any ideas how we should celebrate together and make it a girls day like Parks Recs Galentines Day I had to research Galentines Day Ive never seen an episode of Parks Rec. It sounds like a really neat idea though. Id say take a vote between your closest girlfriends and see what they want to do. Its all about what everyone will enjoy together as a group. Some ideas to think about Rent a limo and have a daynight out on the town. Spa day. Host Breakfast lunch or dinner. Craft day. See a local band. Wine tasting. Host a dessert party. Host a sex toy party. The options are endless really. I want an invite I love boots in the fall and winter but I dont know which ones to get that atter my gure. Are there any rules for length or style of fashion boots Yep you betcha. The overall shape of your body actually makes a big dierence when shopping for boots. Are you petite Chose boots that will hit above your knee to lengthen your legs. Petite and curvy Dont go too high. Muscular Ankle boots with a heel will show o the work youve put into your legs and that added heel will ex your hard earned muscles as you walk. Slim Any boot ts slim legs but over the knee will give you a little more shape to your legs. Short Any higher than ankle boot but lower than the knee otherwise it will make you look shorter. If youre short and curvy stay away from higher than knee or calf length they both give the illusion that your legs are shorter. Tall Small heel or ats to let your natural height take over and low cuts will make those long legs stand out. Tall and curvy Any length but steer clear of anything higher than the knee. Misc info Boots that are busy with accessories and add-ons will look best on tall leggy people. Thinner heels look best on slender people and wider heels look good on curvy people wedge heels included. Stacked heels are best for the curvy gure. Q A MorethananythingLaciPaigeauthoroftheSilkenEdgeSeriesenjoysspendingtimewithherfamily.Sheandherhusbandsupporttheirchildrenonthe soccerpitchandoff.Lacienjoystheoutdoorstravelandofcoursereadingandwritingandchocolate.TheirfamilylivesinHamptonRoadsVirginiawhere Lacisadultmusewakesuplateatnight. FollowLacionfacebookathttpwww.facebook.comauthorlacipaigeandtwitterathttpstwitter.comlaci_paige. B La Pi