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Closing your cards will reduce the credit portion of this ratio. You want to keep the amount of your credit as high as possible while paying off the debt part slow and steady wins the race here. What is important is to not use those credit cards anymore. If you dont have the will power to not use the card then cut the card upbut keep the account open to keep your credit high. As you continue to pay off your debt this debt to credit ratio will keep getting better and better. For New Credit it is pretty simple. Unless you need new credit to pay for something you actually need and dont just want there really is no reason for you to be opening up new credit all the time. There is nothing you can really do about Length of Your Credit History except to wait and let time work in your favor. It is similar when it comes to Credit Mix. Most of us have installment loans in student loan debt. And most of us have variable loans in credit cards. So we already have a mix of credit. But there are also personal loans car loans mortgages etc. that can affect this mix. Just focus on not taking out loans on things you dont need to buy or cant afford. It may not be fun but it is important for your financial future. In the long run having a good credit score is going to save you a lot of money -You will have lower interest rates on any credit you do haveneed. -You will be able to get emergency credit easily should you need it no need for PayDay Loans. -A good credit can mean you get a better job with better pay. I hope this article has helped you understand your credit score a little better and how you can make it any better Most any credit card now offers you a look at your free FICO Score every month which is great information for you. You can also look at your credit history online for free every year at www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 27