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How to Fix a Bad Credit Score By Alexis Monahan Lets talk about MONEY HONEY Credit is a HUGE part of everyones life. And we have all the commercials and pop-up ads to prove it Bad credit can mean that you may not be able to get that loan that credit line increase or even that job. Obviously the best way to have good credit is to keep good credit but sometimes life gets in the way and you need to fix a broken credit. This article will focus on how you can fix your bad credit score. First things first How is your credit score calculated Several factors are considered 35 YOUR PAYMENT HISTORY Do you pay on time or do you have late fees 30 YOUR DEBT TO CREDIT RATIO The amount of debt you have compared to how much unused credit you have. 10 NEW CREDIT Have you recently opened a lot of new credit 15 LENGTH OF YOUR CREDIT HISTORY How long have you hadbeen paying on your debt 10 CREDIT MIX What type of credit do you have variable credit cards or xed rate car or personal loans There are only a few of these factors you personally have any control over. Lets start with Your Payment History. If you have late payments on your credit cards or loans that will most dramatically affect your credit score. To fix this it is important do your best to pay on time in the future. Even if it is just the minimum amount due being on time with the payment will show that you are getting your credit act together. You cant change the past but you can do better going forward. Next here is how you can help Your Debt to Credit Ratio. Many people think that when they get in credit trouble they need to immediately cancel all of their cards. This is exactly the opposite of what you should do 26 ..F2016