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Weve all come across the phrase eat pray love made popular by the author Elizabeth Gilbert and familiar- ized with the Julia Roberts film. However in my humble opinion it gave travel and self-exploration a romanticized affect on ones heart soul and mind. Part of discover- ing your self is digging deep and viewing yourself from anothers perspective. In the United States its easy to go from state to state with out feeling any big culture change. Yet on other continents crossing borders means speaking another language following dif- ferent laws and even behaving in a modified manner. Its that ability to adapt with fluidity that having an international friend just might be one of the best rela- tionships you have for yourself. NotlongagoactuallyAlmost10 years ago I was a fortunate 19 year old that had a mother who loved her. My mother saved her teachers pay to take my younger brother and I to Turkey to visit a foreign exchange student that we hosted the year before. Inexperienced with travel the world and life out- side of Kansas Im happy to say I went into this trip with a very open mind. Upon arriving we traveled 30 minutes from the Izmir air- port to their winter home Foca. Everything seemed so lovely and my host sister like a princess. In my eyes. Their life was so exotic. The house they lived in was small to an Americans standard but as Sheya communicated we dont live in our house. We live out in the world. This is probably one of the most important things I have ever learned. So if you need to re read that last bit trust me it sticks. While visiting we were able to experience life their way. They were in no means in poverty class rather upper middle class. They could afford 2 homes private school and leisure. We traveled from countryside to city down the coast to Kushasai and all the way to Istanbul. All the while I was picking up the language like a sponge. The more diverse the atmosphere the more I wanted to communicate absorb and divulge. I wanted to break the stereotype of Americans single handedly. So I mimicked my host sister. Her behavior at home out in the world and towards her family. Her life was the life I wanted. I gave up the reins of my self-control and rather than adapt as myself I became some- one else. This is where that part of discovering a deeper side to your self via influence is so very crucial. My host sister was hand- ed everything in life. It is their culture to treat daughters and women like princesses. Hard to believe that a Middle Eastern Get an International Friend HAVING A woRlD View CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOU VIEW YoURSelF in YoUR woRlD. By Isabel Herrman PART OF DISCOVERING YOUR SELF IS DIGGING DEEP AND VIEWING YOURSELF FROM ANOTHERS PERSPECTIVE. 24 ..F2016