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It is truly amazing how much art affects us at deeper levels. For one of my clients who lived alone and mostly came home from work and watched television there was little art in her house to encourage reaching out to others. She had some exquisite art pieces but they were of individual objects and lonely landscapes. I suggested a painting or photograph of people having fun at Mardi Gras to lighten the energy in her den. Within a few months of hanging it she was enjoying herself hosting dinner parties and inviting friends over to watch her sports team on television. As we walk through our houses the furniture the paintings the photos and the colors are all sending us messages. When they are positive ones good things happen. To further create happy vibes in your house do take a walking tour through each room. Look at the subjects of your paintings as well as the colors. Are your subjects enjoying themselves or do they look sad or lonely Do they look menacing or aggressive How do you think you would feel if there were photos of the Holocaust around you every morning when you got up Greetings its a gray battlefield or monster staring you in the face to start your day and continues throughout that day evening and the next day next month . . . . Do you think that would be able to maintain a happy and positive attitude amongst such gloom and doom Of course not and I used that example that was just to make a point by showing a contrast of how important it is to have photographs or paintings of images that lift your spirit. Landscapes can bring peace harmony and joy to a house as well. If a painting lifts your spirit you will spread that joy or peace to others around you. If you are a couple its even better as the joy multiplies. This landscape Green Fields by artist Ted Cowart is a quite positive one lifting the spirit with its feelings of well being from his bright colors sense of calm waters and a lovely blue sky. This is another type of image that elicits a totally different feeling and shows how much the opposite type of image can affect us at a deep level. This example isnt particularly sad or painful but is an image that can affect ones ability to make decisions. Imagine how this picture might affect a person who has this one in a prominent place in their house a wonderful photograph of soft gentle grays with good composition of an early morning fog on the water. Artistically its definitely a well done professional photograph with lots of feeling. Lets imagine you have this photo prominent in your house and every single day every time you pass by it you see a fog of soft white and grays no color. You cant make out any shapes clearly of any people in the water any ships or even the sun. And in this case the fog never burns off as it stays hazy. Your world starts to become unclear and you look for definition. Theres a good chance a person who has a blurry or foggy painting in their house might have difficulty making decisions as you cant see clearly what it is you want to do. No matter how hard he or she would try they just couldnt focus or make clear what was in front of them. Are those ships canoes or battleships with a telephoto lens One starts to squint to bring definition but alas . . . the fog continues. Green Fields by Ted Cowart Rose Grouping II by Ted Cowart 20 www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016