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Another piece of art excellent for maintaining relationships is this simple watercolor about love. When you have art that reflects tenderness and caring the vibration flows all around your environment. Another excellent type of painting for bringing fun into your life and potentially an interesting relationship is a tango dance painting like this one. I suggested a similar painting to a client who was recently divorced. After hanging it in a certain feng shui area of her home she signed up for tango lessons and started what turned out to be a long relationship with a another dancer she met there. Another client who I also suggested a tango painting to found without even consciously realizing it had incorporated two people dancing into an art piece she made. There are so many kinds of images that inspire us in ways that can improve our lives. For any person living alone or if in a marriage where one would like to up the fun quotient in the relationship I have found that these tango paintings can sure get the energy stirred up. If you are in a relationship where you feel the other person you live with is dominating you and you want to stand up and say Hey Im here or if you are living alone and liking it then its good in my opinion to have an individual subject matter piece that is strong and reflects your inner Superman or Superwoman such as this photograph called Galaxy where you are center of your own inner universe. Pictures of groups of people as pictured below are excellent to have in your house especially the public areas such as a room like your den or kitchen as they would tend to make the inhabitants want to do things with friends or family perhaps participating in such events as dinners with neighbors or spending a fun day at the beach. In your home or office paintings or pictures of roses that are alive with warmth can bring gentleness friendship as well as loving feelings to any space it occupies. This also applies to fresh flowers This painting below of roses in a crystal vase is one that brings positive and happy energy to any room. by Gail Reaben 15 Fun Fair at the Beach by Edan Cohen Galaxy by Gail Reaben Tango Under the Sun by Ted Cowart www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016 19