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More than we know we are conditioned psychologically by the pictures on our walls. They talk to us every moment we are in our houses. If youve been living alone for a long time theres a good chance you have art that has a single object in it like one flower instead of a pair or bunch of flowers. Maybe you have a beautiful picture of the beach with one woman or one man stretched out on a striped towel basking in the sun. Nice yes but unless you are Mother Goose and need time alone this picture reinforces yourself as a single person. If you are married having paintings of any single entity reinforces the individual not the couple. This applies to wildlife photos or paintings too not just humans. For instance you may have a picture of a leopard reclining in a tree. Wonderful image but again it reflects a single entity. If you have a photo or painting of two leopard cubs playing in a field that brings good energy and fun to the couple who live in the house. Pairs are the key to reinforce a couples togetherness. I had a client whose husband worked several states away from where they lived and they only saw each other a few days a month. Not easy to keep a marriage strong with so much separation. I noticed when I first visited their house that there were pairs of objects in every room. They didnt know anything about feng shui but unconsciously when they purchased things they always bought two of them such as two cookie jars just alike two red vases a painting of a couple dancing or two identical cardinal bird pictures. They obviously saw themselves as a couple no matter what the circumstances. Its healthy to have a balance some art reflecting who you are as an individual mixed with other pieces that reflect the personality of you and your significant other as a team. Heres a photo of an art piece that is perfect statement of a healthy relationship two beautiful bowls each a bit different in design reflecting the individual personality yet the same in size and shape reflecting similar goals as a couple. If you were to have this photograph in your house along with other reinforcing positive art of pairs of people objects or wildlife the relationship would tend to stay balanced and equal. In fact the name of this piece is Marriage in Form Set by Bob Stocksdale and Sekimachi at Yale University Art Gallery. Bringing Positive Feng Shui Energy to Your Home through Art By Gail Reaben Waterfall by Jeff Sheldon Marriage in Form Set by Bob Stocksdale and Sekimachi 18 www.flipmagazine.netFebruary2016