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STROBING 101 T U T O R I A L T I M E 16 ..F2016 Gone are the days of heavily frosted cheeks and disco-like sheen. Thanks to new rened textures highlighting or strobing as it is commonly referred can make an impact while retaining its wearability. Lets get glowing By Sheridan Hayley httpsheridansoderstrom.wix.comshartistry Photography By Harvey Branman Model Alexis Nichols YOULL NEED A FAN BRUSH A FLUFFY DOMED EYESHADOW BRUSH POWDER HIGHLIGHTER 1. Start with a solid base. This includes having your foundation bued your concealer set and your powder in place. 2. Once the basics are complete you may move on to additional parts of your routine such as blush and bronzer. Adding color to the face will create more dimension and marry beautifully with the highlight. 3. Next it is time to select a highlighter of your choice. Cream and liquid luminizers are fantastic however I typically opt for powders due to the longevity of wear. Tip Take note of your undertone and choose a highlighter that will atter your skin tone. A shade that works on everyone A neutral champagne. 4. Take your fan brush and lightly dip into the product. Locate the highest part of the cheek and sweep across. Once you have the desired intensity proceed to the other side. Tip If you are oily avoid taking the highlighter too far in towards the nose as it can make you appear shiny. 5. Highlighting the eyes is a great way to tie an eye look together as well as create a well-rested eect. Take your uy eye brush and brush the product on the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye. 6. If you want to emphasize a sexy pout take the same eye brush or even your nger and pat above the cupids bow. For even more fullness take the highlighter and dab some on the center of your bottom lip for volume.