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14 ..F2016 Did you know that the average airplane travels approximately 550 miles per hour at a cruising altitude of 36000 feet above sea level Thats pretty high and pretty fast. But heres a question on your next trip while traveling 550 mph 36000 feet above sea level how many new experiences will you have If you are an avid traveler and a frequent flyer probably not many. How many new people will you meet Maybe two if youre the type to strike up a conversation with your seatmates. Put that way the fast and efficient travel by air doesnt seem very great at expanding your life experiences does it Not particularly. Thats why this months article is all about slow travel and enjoying the act of traveling as much as the destinations themselves. Dont believe me Here are five reasons why you should try to incorporate slow travel into your next adventure. 1. DELIGHTING THE SENSES First o what IS slow travel Slow travel is seeing more by seeing less. It does away with the tours that oer a mad dash overview of a place of stopping just long enough at each site to snap a photo in front of this famous building or that ancient sculpture before rushing o to the next attraction. No slow travel moves at a relaxed pace. It is walking or biking in a city it is taking the train or the boat to the next destination and it is quietly observing and absorbing the beauty that surrounds you. How often have you traveled the same routes at home barely registering the changing scenery on your daily routine With fast travel it is easy to pack that ambivalence and take it along with you. With slow travel you can leave those blinders at home. Open your senses to your surroundings. Explore the plants on your trip. What colors are they How do they smell Listen. Is this city full of street performers Are the bird songs dierent from park to park Has the enticing scent of a corner bakery attracted your nose Go in and have a snack. Taste something new and decadent. With slow travel your trip will be a delight for all your senses. 2. MEETING NEW FRIENDS AND TRAVEL ANGELS As mentioned above slow travel is about exploring all modes of transportation and taking roads less taken. Sometimes that means youll get lost. It does. Trust me. But thats OK Because with slow travel you dont have to have a schedule. So youre never lost youre never running late youre just taking a dierent route. And despite what language or alphabet youre trying to decipher the expression for bemused confusion is pretty universal. So if youre feeling uncertain dont be afraid to ask for help Ask for directions. Ask for advice when ordering a meal or planning a day trip. The kindness of strangers is a real and wonderful thing and often locals will happily oer advice directions or recommendations. I have lost count of the number of times travel angels have come to my assistance when alone and lost. They have hailed me cabs driven me across town to catch ferries helped me order and protected my luggage. Some I met only once and some Im friends with to this day. SLOW TRAVEL B E I N T H E J O U R N E Y BY A ER I ROS E