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12 ..F2016 Rosewater Ice Cubes C rosewater C purified water A handful of freshly cleaned rose petals An ice cube tray or mold An Icelandic practice used to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles under eyes. Begin by filling the mold with rosewater then place a couple petals of roses then fill with rosewater. Place in the freezer until ready. This is also a great trick to use before wearing makeup. It tightens the skin allowing it to be a great primer. Rosewater Toner r 1 C rosewater C witch hazel A handful of spearmint leaves Bruise the mint leaves slightly then add rosewater and allow to sit for at least 20 minutes allowing the oils from the mint leaves to mix with the rosewater. Pour the witch hazel in and shake well. This is perfect for use after washing your face. Well there you have it Simple skincare tricks that you can do yourself and the beauty is knowing what you are actually putting on your skin. No harsh chemicals toxins or secret ingredients you dont know about. If there is a skin complication that you need a skincare trick to or questions please feel free to ask away. FACIAL TONERS Now my favorite.ROSES Rosewater is a natural astringent and aids in tightening the skin. Its healing prop- erties reduce inflammation and swelling of the skin. In other words ladies and gents rosewater is the fountain of youth. Rosewater is perfect for those looking to even out their complexion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Also a great cleanser that peels away dirt and trapped grit and oils from skin flakes. Used alone it makes a great facial mist during the day especially in drier climates. Or for use after rinsing off a mask or scrub. Jackie Learmond is an actress in the upcoming web series New Yorkers Guide to LaLa Land set to premiere late spring. In addition as an herbalist Jackie has founded Dear Powder Room a natural and homemade soap and skincare line dedicated to providing honest and pronounceable ingredients available for purchase early April.