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8 www.flipmagazine.netFebrar2016 Morgans first album containing original material Hunter was released in 2014. It has 11-tracks eight of which Ms. James co-wrote the songs and three covers Princes Call My Name Bruce Springsteens Dancing in the Dark and Hall Oates Shes Gone. The album not only boasts Morgans incredible lead vocals but she recorded the background vocals and harmonies as well. Frank Monahan is a lover of all things music literature and more. He is always discovering new artists and loves sharing them with others. A scientist by education he is now the CEO of Rocket Science Productions the company that publishes FLiP Magazine. During my interview with Ms. James in late December of last year I asked Morgan if she had a particular musical plan in mind. Her answer didnt surprise me but it did make me happy. She said she would continue to explore all the dierent types of music the opera singing soul ballads in clubs and enjoying connecting with her fans. In fact Morgan related a story of a club owner in Ohio who was interested in booking her. After they agreed on a date the owner found that she didnt have much of a social media fanbase in Ohio but that research had shown that she had what he called a high-quality fan-base that is it didnt matter what type of music she performed or where she performed ither fans were going to go hear her regardless and be fans forever. Morgan James videos have been viewed over 45 million times since the release of Hunter and a result she has released a new EP in November 2015 called YouTube Sessions featuring five fan favorites including Cecilia and Sledgehammer. You truly owe it to your self to check out her videos listen to her LPs and EP and definitely catch her the next time she comes to your town. Its not often that an artist comes along as proficient in so many genres of music as Morgan James is. Soul singer opera folk rock take your pick she can do it all Savor her artistry LIVE while you can