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26 www.flipmagazine.netFebrar2016 resources destroy our civilization and cause our own extinction. The alternative is to think of ourselves as caretakers of this world solve our problem peacefully and change the way we view ourselves as a species. Perhaps this sounds overly optimistic or even simplistic I feel it is the truth. I do not imagine in the least that it will happen easily. However I mention this because this is the importance of dystopian visions. They show us what could happen if we are not careful. Science fiction has often become science fact for better or worse. How we manage our resources how our civilization progresses and how we proceed as a species is totally up to us. It always has been. What you ask will happen Only time will tell I have always believed you should write what you know My passions and fascinations include history philosophy mythology and psychology. I love to people watch. I get many ideas that way. I am an avid science fiction fan. Science fiction is based in our imagination our imagination propels humanity forward in all our endeavors. -Lewis Stockham Photo by Shaun Yen