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www.flipmagazine.netFebrar2016 25 What is dystopian science fiction Quite simply it is a negative vision of the future. These visions or predictions can be terrible dark disturbing or even frightening. Unfortunately it is not hard to imagine a negative future for humanity. Especially when one looks at the chaos and madness that plagues our world right now I have written about Star Trek and its positive vision of the future. However the reason I love dystopian science fiction among many other reasons is it is sadly believable. The patterns of past and current human behavior make dystopian visions more believable. There are two films and one book I will to briefly describe as various examples of negative visions. The films are Mad Max Soylent Green and Fahrenheit 451.All three provide a unique prediction of our future. In Mad Max the original a massive oil shortage brings society to completely unravel. The land is in a state of utter anarchy. Roaming gangs of bikers terrorize people. This is all because of a lack of oil a resource that fuels pardon the pun our society. Thankfully this possible future is not as feasible since we have begun to explore alternate fuel sources. As far as I know Soylent Green was the first movie to comment on the dangers of abusing our natural resources. In the film we exhaust almost all our resources then society begins to crumble. People are reduced to eating something called Soylent Green which turns out to be made from Humans. Fahrenheit 451 is a master work of literature by Ray Bradbury. Imagine a world where firemen burn books. Why In this future society reading is illegal. Everyone takes pills to feel happy numb etc. Everyone watches the family theatre which is basically interactive television. The last part sounds a bit familiar does it not As I said all three show dierent negative futures. More importantly they show the extremes humans will go to when desperate. Why do dystopian visions in film and literature matter We by no means live in a perfect world. As a species we have a simple choice. We can continue down this path which guarantees we will exhaust our natural Dystopian Negative Visions of the Future Dystopian Negative Visions of the Future Science Fiction BY LEWIS STOCKHAM