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PUSH-UP PLANK TO OBLIQUE MOUNTAIN CLIMBER TUTORIALTIMEWORKOUT By Fitness Trainer Ricardo Zarate Photography by Shaun Yen With the holidays behind us and summer rapidly approaching its important that we make our work- outs work exactly the way they should. Thats why its important to get that body right with the right movements to kick that belly fats butt and get you lean just in time for summer. The push up plank to oblique mountain climber is exactly the workout you need to get that result Done the right way this workout works out your arms chest back legs and all of that core. Not only will this workout combine your upper and lower body to create a great synergistic balance the movements will engage a great deal of your bodys stabilizers that will help in preventing injury and will go hand in hand later on with more difficult progressions of the same movement for faster and better results Give this workout a try and see how tight your mid section can get and how much body strength you acquire with every set. Enjoy 1 2 3 4 5 6 24 1. Start in the push-up position. 2. Bring your right knee in towards your right elbow while slightly bending your elbows. 3. Straighten the elbows once again while bring- ing the leg back to the push-up position. 4. Repeat steps 1-3 on the left side and alternate every repetition.