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www.flipmagazine.netFebrar2016 23 ZOMBIESPRIDE and PREJUDICE and A Review of the new PPZ film By Danielle Lanzarotta Twitter DaniLanzarotta Facebook.comauthorDanieleLanzarotta Action romance horror and comedy all wrapped into one This is not your typical zombie movie and its not your typical love story which is actually quite refreshing and unpredictable. In 19th century England the Bennets raise a family full of young women. While the mother tries to raise them to get married and be taken care of by their husbands the father raises them to be kick ass zombie hunters. Dad wins Yay In a world threatened by an army of undead zombies the Bennet girls dont need a guys help to do what they need to do. In fact they rescue their charming love interests once or twice. I have to admit I havent read this book yet although I heard its hilarious. My expectations werent very high going into the theater but I found the movie to be unexpectedly great I actually dont have one thing I would change about it I know shocking. The acting was great. The zombies looked like zombies as in the creepy kind that like to eat brains and not the most recent Hollywood version of hot zombies. Yeah Im talking about the hot zombie from Warm Bodies. And the storyline was good PPZ has something for everyone and its the perfect movie for a date night. Daniele Lanzarotta is the author of paranormalfantasy novels including the Academy of the Fallen Series and A Mermaids Curse Trilogy. She is also a film student with several projects under way.