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www.flipmagazine.netFebrar2016 17 Grant her a bottomless beverage while doing your activity of choice. Be on top of relling her tea wine cider etc. so her glass is never empty. Hard to go wrong with breakfast in bed. Make it her favorite but add a special twist. If it snows shovel her drive or dig her car out. Do all her chores for the day before she does you might need to devise a plan to get her out of the house. Try setting something up with her mom or best friend who shed want to see on V-Day. Treat her to a candlelit dinner. Cook if you can it will mean more. Take-out is an acceptable alternative. Want that replace glow Find a digital version on your streaming services. While she sleeps decorate her room with things she loves pictures owers stuffed animals etc. See Physical Touch 3. See Quality Time 5. Take time selecting a gift. Make it super meaningful not just something typical. Show her you listen. Buy a gift that inspires or encourages one of her dreams. Hit yard sales ea markets antique shops or thrift stores. You could nd something surprisingly inexpensive while perfectly symbolic. If she loves when you buy dinner hit a grocery store for a cheaper version of take-out. You can get some delicious pre-made foods from the deli counter. If you are good with your hands make her a piece of jewelry out of something you already have. A guy once made me an awesome bracelet out of used guitar string beads. See Words 1. See Words 7. See Physical Touch 6. Z On a nal note ensure your choices are appropriate to your relationship. If your gal mothered your children go all out but if you are just crushing or talking its easier to overdo it than underdo it. Over-the-top Rom-Com gestures tend to look stalkerish and desperate in real life. Keep it simple hey a handmade-lace-covered-paper heart valentine might be all you need Whatever your relationship status its easy to show shes worth the world with minimal impact to your wallet. Happy Valentines Day ---JRF You know those kids touch exhibits where you stick your hand in a box and try to guess whats inside Play the adult version- in reverse and without clothes. Blindfold her and gently brush her skin with various items. Make her guess what they are. Reward her if shes right. Dont be gross though she wont nd it funny. Cant be together for V-Day Hug her from afar by sending one of your sweatshirts spritzed with cologne. Give her an amazing sensual full-body massage. Light some candles get the replace going put on romantic music. Find great smelling oils and research if you arent sure what you are doing. Remember a little oil goes a long way and it will stain fabric. Fulll a sexual fantasy of hers. Listen and dont be afraid to ask questions. Get body-safe paint and a giant canvas. Let your bodies be the paintbrushes as you roll around on the oor together. If you can afford them pre-made kits start at about 60. Otherwise experiment with non-toxic nger- paint recipes. Research new oral sex tricks even if you are an expert. Surprise her and rock her world. PHYSICAL TOUCH ACTS OF SERVICE GIFT GIVING