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15 www.flipmagazine.netFebrar2016 for a character but you can reasonably deduce what size of clothing they might wear i.e. XS S etc and only pro- ceed with the cosplay if you wear the same size you expect the character does. Dont neglect to factor in your facial features. Characters personalities are indicated in all aspects of their design but espe- cially in their face. Fortunately much of this can be created or altered with makeup such as making your eyes appear bigger thinning out the nose making the cheeks look gaunt or draw- ing on a beauty mark. Despite this there still need to be com- monalities in your facial features to represent a character. If you have a more square jaw it would be best to look for a character that does as well and forego those characters with narrow jaws. If you for all differences. A person with droopy eyes or low-riding lids would want to avoid characters with wide round eyes for instance. Hand in hand with physical appearance age is an imperative consideration for choosing cosplay. It does present a significant challenge however. Many of our favorite characters to cosplay are very young 16 17 18 years old and most of us will not have developed the necessary skills to create advanced cosplay by that age. And of course people of all ages enjoy anime manga games comic books etc featuring young characters. Ill be brief about this aspect of choosing cosplay if you reference the other considerations of physical appearance that Ive already reviewed its likely youll be quite close to the age of the character you desire to cosplay. Make use of the characters official character bio their real age may surprise you. When choosing a character to cosplay everyone will consider the characters personality and how it compares to their own. I imagine most people will feel a connection with characters that are similar to themselves. But lets go over it anyway. Not everyone is a natural actor and can change their behavior comfortably or believably. If you are shy and have trouble working up the courage to speak in front of others you will be a natural at portraying a shy character but you may want to avoid characters with boisterous personalities as people will expect and probably ask you to say or do things you may be uncomfortable with. And conversely if you tend to be charismatic and outspoken you may have trouble portraying a quiet and shy character. Half of your cosplays impact is determined by your actions when wearing the cosplay. Your behavior can leave people with a great impression a poor impression or not enough impression to remember you by even if your craftsmanship is top tier. Choose a character whos behavior you will feel comfortable and confident in imitating. Last but not least consider your financial means. Once youve settled on a character that is a good choice for you bud- get out the cost. Break down each part of the cosplay into all of its components. Dont forget even the inexpensive things like thread. This is the time to figure out if you need to purchase any tools if you need more makeup if you need to ship anything. Not only does this help you determine if you can afford to make this cosplay it also gives you an idea how long it will take if you need to order anything online and have it shipped and pushes you to research more inexpensive methods for your craft. Save yourself from the despair of going to the con without the cosplay youve been talking up and keep your closet clear of half finished cosplays. In closing let me reiterate that this article is for those who aim to create cosplays that are precise replications of the characters they portray. I sought to provide advice for cosplayers who are struggling to understand why their cosplay dont have as much impact as they hope for and are unsure how to advance. I wish you all the best in your cosplay endeavors and hope these guidelines are useful to you have a small chin a character with a jutting cleft chin would not be an advisable cosplay choice. Prothesthetics are also an option but they do add mass to your face so you wont be able to make your chin smaller or your jawbone narrower. Eye shape and size are one of the easiest things to alter via makeup but cannot compensate Maka with her scythe Soul from Soul Eater Steven Tiss as Gohan from Dragonball Z photographer and cosplay creator Azayaka Cosplay Hi guys Im Azayaka Japanese for vivid or brilliant Cosplay. I graduated from FIDM with a degree in Fashion and Theater Costume in 2011 and after a brief stint of doing commission and freelance work have started making my own cosplays. Please visit me at any of the pages provided in the links below but note that I primarily upload to Facebook. I upload fashion art and karaoke in addition to cosplay as well as things that humor me. Id love to hear from you and thank you for reading my article To learn more about Azayaka check her out online at httpswww.facebook.comAzayaka-Cosplay-613195348720105 or