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www.flipmagazine.netFebrar2016 13 go to a con you are still able to make it to the vendors hall in a reasonable amount of time. Consider cosplay that is slightly ambitious. Seek characters that feature props or sewing that you have experience making but a couple features that would be a challenge for you. A character like Maka from Soul Eater is a good choice as her outfit is not extremely complicated but fine details such as high quality fabrics light shoulder pads for the coat finely pressed pleats for her skirt and a flare at the coats hem can be challenging but impressive and eye-catching if executed well. In addition her scythe Soul is a unique prop which presents multiple options for the construction and is often done poorly providing the opportunity for a cosplayer to really set themselves apart by doing it well. At this stage it is still best to avoid extremely fitted or revealing clothes like bodysuits and structures like corsets petticoats and bustleshoop skirts. These types of cosplays do require highly advanced skills to be accomplished. At the intermediate level you can also begin to look at cosplay with small pieces of armor. A character with only a breast- plate or a shoulder plate is ideal pro- viding you an occasion to learn meth- ods and techniques for cosplay armor making and allowing you the time to spend perfecting it. For example Al of Full Metal Alchemist or most Monster Hunter armor sets would be beyond the level of an intermediate cosplayer. When it comes to wigs avoid charac- ters with extreme hairstyles like any Yu-gi-Oh or Dragonball Z character. Someone like Sailor Moon would be appropriate as it provides the challenge of perfecting technique for creating a wig with a part and hiding your hair- line effectively. Props are unique in that they often are not made from scratch but created from purchased pieces and there are hundreds of tutorials avail- able which make construction easy to understand. If youre making the prop yourself avoid extreme challenges such as a portal gun or a light saber. Once youre finally an advanced level cosplayer you are likely too busy to read this article. On to the next and probably most obvious consideration physical appear- ance. Look at your height weight body type and facial features. Many characters actuallyhaveofficialbiosthatlistthechar- actersheightandweight.Youcancompare your own to theirs. Height consideration will vary so let me break it down into two parts single cosplay and group cosplay. When you are cosplaying alone height may be less of a consideration. The topic of weight is a sensitive one but a desirable cosplay is always one that is as close to an exact repli- cation of the character portrayed as possible. Choose a character that is within - 20 lbs to your own weight. If you dont have a character bio to ref- erence weight you will have to eyeball it. Alongside weight and height is body type. Character bios frequently provide key information such as bust waist and hip measurements. Sometimes the character will reveal their cup size in dialogue. Even without this informa- tion it is fairly easy to compare your own body type to the character you wish to cosplay. Ill give an example Jinx from League of Legends is a very slender woman with a small bust. Only those considered a B cup or below should try this cosplay. There dont appear to be any confirmed measure- ments for Jinx but its clear there would be little difference in size between her bust waist and hip measurements. Her bust would likely be 30-32 waist 24- 25 and hips 32. For any character look at the proportions and make sure that not only do you have about the same proportions but I suggest that you are within - 2 of their measurements. You wont always have this information Azayaka Cosplay as a Mew gijinka from Pokemon and cosplay creator Jinx from League of Legends