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12 www.flipmagazine.netFebrar2016 Do you desire recognition for your cosplay Does it just make your day when someone asks for your photo Here are some tips from a graduate in fashion and costume design on how to achieve these goals consis- tently for your cosplay. This article is directed towards cosplayers of all levels even advanced craftsmen. Keep in mind as you read this article that it provides guidelines for those wishing to improve themselves as cosplayers and who aim to realistically mimic their characters. Lets begin by considering your skill set and experience. Assess yourself are you advanced intermediate beginner or complete and utter novice If you are unsure reference the following exam- ples. If congoers constantly stop you for a picture so much that you never get to the vendors hall you have little need for my advice. However if you find that youre rarely asked for a photo or the photos you posted online have no com- ments you probably fit into the begin- ner category. Or perhaps youve never cosplayed before and wonder where to start. Of course cosplay is not just about attention but if youre looking to improve your game the amount of attention you receive is a clue to your level of success. Categorize yourself as first-time beginner intermediate or advanced. This transitions to choosing a cosplay thats within your ability. As most of us probably know sewing and prop making are a whole lot harder than they look Lets discuss the beginner category a little further now. Firstly what consti- tutes a beginner It could be that youve bought a few cosplays before and now wish to make your own. It could be that you intend to continue purchas- ing cosplays if so once again I refer you to the criteria broken down later in the article. Or it could be that youve made dozens of various costumes but are struggling to complete them or elevate them to a satisfactory quality. In any case a beginner would have limit- ed cosplay-related skills such as sewing and construction. As a beginner mak- ing your own cosplay its best to select a cosplay that is extremely simple. I rec- ommend you seek a character that does not use props choosing a character that uses a prop but deciding to forego it can give the impression that your cosplay is incomplete. Props are an entirely dif- ferent skill set and should be learned after sewing. There are plenty of cos- plays that do not require props but none that do not require clothes. Next look for a character with minimalistic deign. The cosplay should not have any complicated sewing or structures like corsets unless you intend to purchase one shoe coverings body paint or masks. This would probably be a more realistically styled character. Someone like Luffy of One Piece is a good choice as everything he wears in his initial out- fit can be purchased and then modified. Just because a character has a simple design does not mean that it is unim- pressive or uninteresting. Look for a character with simple sewing so you can purchase a pattern look one up online or buy pieces and modify them. Most beginners probably havent sewn before or have had very little practice so fol- lowing a simple pattern like an A-line dress is good experience. A schoolgirl is another simple cosplay for begin- ners with a wide selection of patterns available. Avoid characters with tight fitting garments and extremely reveal- ing clothes. Even with a purchased pattern these clothes are very difficult to sew and usually do not fit correctly without alteration. This includes most super heroes. The spandex bodysuits that are readily available everywhere are generally low quality and frequent- ly wrinkle or pouch unattractively. Do not attempt a bodysuit until your level is at least intermediate. Be cautious when it comes to cosplay with patches logos embroidery or any type of image. Depending on the desired effect these can be ordered and attached screen printed on or sent out for embroidery. In most cases fabric painting would not be advised as it commonly leaves the fabric stiff and brushstrokes are vis- ible. It is not recommended to attempt these types of features yourself before youve developed the necessary skills to complete it masterfully. Lastly choose a character for which you can use your natural hair during cosplay or one that has a very simple wig that requires little to no styling. Intermediate cosplayers are those whove developed decent skills in sew- ing prop making wig styling makeup application and similar crafts. At this point your cosplays are attracting some attention but you havent got hundreds of tumblr followers yet and when you HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CosplayB Azyk Col Luffy from One Piece