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www.flipmagazine.netFebrar2016 11 TOP 10 SONGS TO WORK OUT TO By Felice LaZae So were way past New Years resolutions and hope- fully if were sticking to it we should be deep into our workout program by now. Right guys Were not slacking eating McDonalds and dreaming of that killer body right Well if not maybe you just dont have the right motivation. If music is the soundtrack to life then its definitely the soundtrack to a great workout. Studies have shown that running or walking to music at higher BPMs beats per minute does increase the subjects speed but did you know that its not just about the BPM Running or walking to a metronome at the same speed as one of your favorite songs induces a different result So its not just about the constant beat keeping time. Its about the creativity of that beat and how it can inspire and focus the subject to move to it. Its called activating music. So one song thats at 130 BPM wont inspire you to run like another song at 130 BPM. Why is that Well there are way more factors than just the speed of the beat of the song. Features like constant loudness over a series of beats emphasis on the downbeat short repeated notes and not a lot of variation in the beat are all indicators of activating music. You know when you hear a certain song and it just instantly evokes a certain mood or emotion Thats how it is with activating music when it comes to working out and moving faster to a certain rhythm. In contrast a relaxing song usually has more vari- ation in volume more emphasis on the upbeat and longer melodic phrases like in jazz or classical music. Every person is different but for most this music is not conducive to working out. This sort of music is much better for helping the brain concentrate like when studying or reading a book. So in technical terms as the science-y guys put it As far as genre is concerned pop-techno is more prominent in activating excerpts while jazz-reggae is more prominent in relaxing excerpts. In general the relaxing excerpts contain more variance in phrasing and melody whereas the activating excerpts have a more equalized phrasing stressing a binary structure. Simply put if you want to keep your heart pump- ing keep it simple. Stick to hip-hop pop dance and rock nroll with fast tempos and strong downbeats that make you feel GOOD and keep you motivat- ed to run that extra mile or lift that extra 10 lbs. Since everyone has different musical tastes in terms of what kind of music to workout to I have put together a list of my top 10 best songs to workout to regardless of genre. I just love music that gets me revved up and ready to go no matter what kind it is. So my list consists of hip-hop rock pop and dance from many different decades. So go listen and stay on track with your health and fitness New Years resolu- tions no matter what time of year it is so that next year you can make new goals that top the previous year Work Cited Marc Leman Dirk Moelants Matthias Varewyck Frederik Styns Leon van Noorden Jean-Pierre Martens Published July 10 2013. Activating and Relaxing Music Entrains the Speed of Beat Synchronized Walking. Retrieved from http journals.plos.orgplosonearticleid10.1371journal.pone.0067932 Felice LaZae is a singersongwriter living in Los Angeles CA. And shes also a huge fan of comics video games books and all things nerdy. Shes worked in many facets of the music industry from audio engineering to vocal coaching. Her lyric driven music is a mix of bluesy rock with a good dose of soul. To check out and download her new Give It Away EP go to her website at 1. Stronger by Kanye West 2. Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor 3. Lose Yourself by Eminem 4. B.O.B. by Outkast 5. X Gonna Give It To Ya by DMX 6. Crazy In Love by Beyonc 7. Gonna Make You Sweat Everybody Dance Now by C C Music Factory 8. Song 2 by Blur 9. Welcome To The Terrordome by Public Enemy 10. Another One Bites The Dust by Queen